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Evoke Logo Design

Okay. Prepare yourselves for a big long spiel on whats been going on with me lately.
In 2008, I graduated from my 3 year long course, 'Advanced Diploma Of Environmental Arts and Contemporary Crafts'.
Traditionally but not compulsory, graduating students raise funds and coordinate a final year, graduation exhibition.
To secure and keep track of the funds for this, we have a bank account which each yeah, the new third year students inherit. We also have an incorporation! To do all this, we have a president, a secretary, and a treasurer, nominated at the start of off the fund raising. I was that year's President, which, isn't as fun as it may sound.

On top of all the fund raising stuff, I established an email for the corporation as well and an online blog. The blog was hosted by a site which decided to close down but we basically filled it with information and photos of what the student were up to with group projects such as the large sculpture we made for a competition in which we came second in I believe? prize money went to the grad show and picture went up with much other content to show financial supporters what they were aiding.
Blog: [link] (dead link know but I don't wanna delete and lose it)

ANYWAY, back to this logo. We nominated a few names for our graduation exhibition and then voted and the name 'Evoke' became the winner. Despite a few comments made on the name being used for many things such as magazines, hair dressers and other more permanent organizations and companies, but as far as we know, it's not an exhibition name yet, And we weren't exactly registering it as a business name or anything so ner.

Then came the applications for grants and things so we can afford to have the show, for the catalog, advertising, gallery prep, etc. Which is when we were asked how we would be promoting the event (asking where their logo will be plastered for supporting us).

Well, we've decided that staff on the night (caterers, waiters etc) will be wearing a black apron each which they will be allowed to keep as a thank you, each apron, with be hand printed with the exhibition logo! :D

Wait, what logo? i hear myself asking... no one had begun designing any yet, just planning where one would go.
So that night, I designed 10 logos. then the next day I showed them to the rest of the students on a page which they could vote which one they liked most or tick 'other, p.t.o. to make suggestion'. No one made suggestions but the above logo was very popular. So I transferred the sketch to a digital design (the branches took so long!).
So, I then transferred it to a silk screen in the print room and plastered it onto the black aprons in white and used on the cover of the catalog and on posters and invites.

Here's the logo on the catalog cover:

And Here is one of the Evoke Aprons:
(With the lovely model, Sophie Burgoyne)
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angel-ov-the-dark's avatar
very nice balanced design
hatefueled's avatar
hey, would you be able to design me a guitar teaching logo. i will pay alot
hatefueled's avatar
I could. do you know what you're looking for?
relaxeder's avatar
very effective logo... simple yet compelling - clever and catchy, too!!

normally i'm not much of a logo person... being that the majority of logos tend to be made for corrupt corporations and vile institutions representing a fiscally motivated enterprise of some sort. this, on the other hand... actually seems to have a virtuous cause at it's heart.

also - i studied commercial art and design in college. afterwards i drifted more to the fine arts side of things. anyway - i know how much thought, preparation, and hassle can go into a logo - creating something simple, memorable, aesthetically appealing, and representative of the underlying purposes it was devised for is quite a challenge. you pulled it off, though... good job :)
hatefueled's avatar
wow! thank you so much for the feedback! I think what basically inspired this one was how can i symbolize with this word, the idea of our group of artists that are all at different stages in their career are all growing and as of this graduation, have reached a point now where they can say they've grown and are still growing! and laying roots too! the department has gathered a strong reputation in the local community already which is fantastic considering the size of our department and faculty (of amazing established artists! not just your average lecturers!)
these are exciting but stressful times.
laconic-prosaic's avatar
That is fantastic. I can see why it was popular.
hatefueled's avatar
DiamondArt's avatar
You are truly awesome..and an amazing...EXTRAORDINARY are going to make it big one are already big in my opinion...but yeah...keep up the fantastic work!
hatefueled's avatar
:blush: thank you so much!
DiamondArt's avatar
You are welcome =)
RibbonCreature's avatar
i think it looks awsome, good luck with all that
hatefueled's avatar
Penguin-Empress's avatar
can i be nit picky and ask that the tree trunk be a bit more natural or am i as good as dead tomorow? ;P
hatefueled's avatar
you can. but quite frankly you can do it yourself until i have time to bother.
Penguin-Empress's avatar
lol like i have the time :P too busy bein youg and naive and dumb ;P
hatefueled's avatar
ROFL. i think with some people. they think of certain insults because they receive them so often :)
emilytheartist's avatar
Well, el presidente, this is a fine design.
hatefueled's avatar
:) thanks. I feel more like i have slave written across my head than much respect from certain people in our group but meh :) thanks
emilytheartist's avatar
I know that feeling.

All too well.

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