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OCs Related to Canon Characters

Again, why all the hate on OC characters, especially on something as little as this?  If there's room for a canon character to have a sibling, a cousin, uncles, or anything blood related, stop complaining about it.  If there isn't much wiggle room for any more family, but if there's an explanation of the missing family tree, then it should be fine.  Other than it not being possible, the other complaint is that it makes it easier to just drop the OC in.  The reason it's easier is because the canon media's Hero Cycle has started, and it's harder for some fan fic writers to start their own without some help, or it could just be about the story plot—having to be related to a character.

Because this has so many opportunities of complaints, I'll be using Naruto as an example.

First, if an OC is related to anyone with a kekkei genkai, a special power developed by clans and passed down genetically, that is fine.  If someone is complaining purely because of that, ignore them because they aren't there to help you.

If you want to make an OC being a sibling to Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha, that is fine—even if he or she lives after the massacre!  Itachi didn't nearly kill his entire clan because he wanted to, he wanted Konoha to remain peaceful, but the Uchiha family wanted more than they were getting, and Itachi was tricked.  Itachi left Sasuke alive because he was still small, not knowing what was going on in the shadows, and Itachi loved his brother.  He made Sasuke believe that he killed everyone out of cold blood so Sasuke would kill him as redemption.  I imagine if Itachi had another sibling (either being young, or one who understood and agreed with what Itachi wanted); he would have also spared their lives.  

Sasuke also initially awakened his Sharingan, his kekkei genkai, when his was around seven on the night of the Uchiha massacre, but Itachi made him forget, so it's also fine if the OC sibling awakened his or her Sharingan at a young age.

Granted, all of this wasn't revealed at all early in the series, so of course there would be a lot of skepticism, but that's why, until a canon series is finished, and until the fan fiction is finished, I would hold off on reviewing a story with a list of plot-holes.

Naruto Uzumaki is another matter.  Literally, the only way Naruto would have a sibling, would be if he or she would be his twin because both Minato and Kushina (his father and mother) died the day he was born.  Naruto's birth was a huge deal too, because Kushina had the Nine-Tailed Fox inside of her—and was even kidnapped for it.  If she was pregnant earlier (an attempt of Naruto having an older sibling), the same events surrounding Naruto's birth probably would have happened to the OC—meaning the OC would have the  demon, and Naruto would have never have been born—because I don't think the kidnapper would have just waited for another chance for her to become pregnant again.  Generally, if a canon character dies (or is never born) for an OC to exist, it isn't exactly welcomed with open arms.  You could write it, but I wouldn't guarantee any readers, no matter how well written it was.

Yes, an OC can also have a demon inside of him or her, but as for it being a tailed beast, it's iffy because tails one through ten already has a host.  I suppose there could be an eleven to infinity, but I don't think they would be "the" tailed beast, if you catch my drift.  There are also other sorts of spirits in the Naruto universe, you just have to look it up or catch up on your reading.

Those are the main complaints of sibling/blood relationships from the Naruto universe anyway.  Sakura, Ino, practically all the Konoha genin who took the chunin exams could have siblings with little to no complications.  Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara could have a sibling, but if he or she's younger than Gaara, they would have to be half-siblings.  

Basically, if you can think of a story to explain it all, even if it's for a canon-complication, then go for it.  We don't need the birds and bees talk, just fill in the blanks.

A problem that often occurs in fan fiction with any OCs whether they be related to a canon character or not, is leeching the storyline.  I don't mind when a fan fiction follows closely with the canon story and the OC is there, but if he or she is there for every main conflict and saves everyone all the time, it tends to not be a good thing, like the example of an OC to exist Naruto has to never be born.  Shino couldn't be there to help save Sasuke when he ran to Orochimaru, even though he did want to; the OC can't be around or available for everything, so to help fill in the blanks from the canon story, make up your own conflicts, specifically for your OC.  Orochimaru and Itachi are Sasuke's conflicts, Sasuke is Naruto's conflict, Kabuto is Konoha's conflict, Kimimaru was Lee's and Gaara's battle, make something up for your OC.  It's OK, honest.

OCs being clones of another canon tends to happen also, but this happens more when the OC is related to the canon character.  Personalities can be handed down, like Naruto's "Believe it!"  It's OK if the OC broods like Sasuke, or is intelligent like Sakura, but give the OC some differences in personality.  Maybe the OC broods not because their family is dead, but because Sasuke treats the OC like dirt because he or she just wants to move on.  Give the OC a few hobbies that differs from the immediate family's/sibling's.  
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I wish to mention that I had created, a little while ago, an Ultimate Muscle OC who was Jeager's twin sister and might have followed him through the various incidents of his past, and gone through them herself:

If I may ask, please, does this make sense to the story?