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There will be a second part to this specific guide, it just got too long. I'm not sure when the second part will be up though.

On a side note, you may not respect me as a person for my opinions, but at least respect my right to express my opinions. That's why there's free speech. Additionally, if you don't like any of these plots then don't read them. There will be some sort of warning somewhere on published books, and warnings on stories on the internet. This doesn't mean I'm being immature, I mean if you don't like what's going to be in the story, odds are that you're not going to like the story period, so there's no point for you to hang around a story and keep saying, "Ew this is gross! Why would you write that?" I'll explain more in the second part.

Mary-Sue: Who is She?
Mary-Sue (Part 1): Things You Need to Know and What to do if You See Them
Mary-Sues (Part 2): How Not to Write Like Your Character is a Sue
Mary-Sues (Part 3): How Much Power is Too Much Power?
Mary-Sues (Part 4): In a Fight
Mary-Sues (Part 5): Writing Realistically . . . According to the Universe
Mary-Sues (Part 6): How to Review Character Sheets
Mary-Sues (Part 7.1): She Banged the Love Shebang - The Scenarios
Mary-Sues (Part 7.2): She Banged the Love Shebang - How to Write Love Scenes
Mary-Sues (Part 7.3): She Banged the Love Shebang - Symptoms of Lust
Mary-Sues (Part 8): Romeo and Gertrude?
Mary-Sues (Part 9): The Eye of the Tiger
Mary-Sues (Part 10): How to Write Dreams and Flashbacks

The Mary-Sue Complaints Checklist
The Mary-Sue Complaints Checklist Index

Other Mary-Sue Related Things
Telling Your Friends They Have a Mary-Sue
Mary-Sues vs. Art Thievery
Say Good-Bye to Mary-Sues
The Basics to Any Human Body (And How I Choose Which Traits to Use for my Characters)
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SavageFrog's avatar
You should probably include that certain countries do allow 1st cousin marriages but in others it is seen as a criminal offense (highest practitioners of cousin marriages are in the Middle East & contrary to all the hillbilly jokes made about West Virginia, it's actually illegal there).
HatedLove6's avatar
I'll keep it in mind. There a few of these guides I'm planning on editing.
SavageFrog's avatar
Thank you for the consideration & these are actually very well written
HatedLove6's avatar
I will add on to the incest part, but I need to do more research first, and I have other things I need to do. It will take some time. Thank you for the suggestion.
SavageFrog's avatar
Alright & your welcome
PuccaZeldaPPGFan's avatar
I have read a few of your guides; very informative and extremely assisting when it comes to shaping stories and plots.

P.S- I had no idea about the 'love V' OTL :lol: It is actually more complex, realistic (and a bit more entertaining I might add) than the basic love triangle.

HatedLove6's avatar
Thank you; I'm glad you found this helpful.

Wait--what? What's the difference between a love V and a love triangle to you? :?
PuccaZeldaPPGFan's avatar
Oh! I thought a triangle went in a circular motion (well it can, can't it?) While V is straight forward and stops... I think
HatedLove6's avatar
The triangular can flow in a cyclic motion (a girl likes a boy, the boy likes a boy/girl, and the boy/girl likes the first girl), your love V analogy is a bit confusing.
PuccaZeldaPPGFan's avatar
Perhaps I am not explaining it well.(Boy likes girl, girl likes another boy, boy has no love for anyone) That's what I view it as. Maybe I see it wrong?
HatedLove6's avatar
Ah, I understand now. That could be another kind of triangle :)
CianaTheRabbit's avatar
I just want to thank you right now. These guides are really helping me shape my characters.
HatedLove6's avatar
You're welcome. I'm glad these guides are helpful! :D
BlackPaperMoonSE's avatar
These are pretty great, gotta say : )
HatedLove6's avatar
:D Thank you. I just realized I forgot to add Arranged Marriages.
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