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Finally, I have the second part of part seven! Anyway, if any part of this guide breaks dA's rules, please let me know so I can change it. I've tried keeping it within dA's boundaries, but there are some things that are confusing, especially when it comes to writing tutorials and the fact that this isn't fiction. For example, there's a rule where it's OK if you draw an erected penis if it's for educational purposes. I do not wish to get reported, and am willing to change parts if it breaks a rule (how many writers are willing to do that much?). Savvy?

Mary-Sue: Who is She?
Mary-Sue (Part 1): Things You Need to Know and What to do if You See Them
Mary-Sues (Part 2): How Not to Write Like Your Character is a Sue
Mary-Sues (Part 3): How Much Power is Too Much Power?
Mary-Sues (Part 4): In a Fight
Mary-Sues (Part 5): Writing Realistically . . . According to the Universe
Mary-Sues (Part 6): How to Review Character Sheets
Mary-Sues (Part 7.1): She Banged the Love Shebang - The Scenarios
Mary-Sues (Part 7.2): She Banged the Love Shebang - How to Write Love Scenes
Mary-Sues (Part 7.3): She Banged the Love Shebang - Symptoms of Lust
Mary-Sues (Part 8): Romeo and Gertrude?
Mary-Sues (Part 9): The Eye of the Tiger
Mary-Sues (Part 10): How to Write Dreams and Flashbacks

The Mary-Sue Complaints Checklist
The Mary-Sue Complaints Checklist Index

Other Mary-Sue Related Things
Telling Your Friends They Have a Mary-Sue
Mary-Sues vs. Art Thievery
Say Good-Bye to Mary-Sues
The Basics to Any Human Body (And How I Choose Which Traits to Use for my Characters)
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JR-95's avatar
I'm planning on writing a sex scene for a future fanfic. I came to this to help me write a sex scene, and do so in a way that doesn't violate DeviantArt's rules. Hopefully, this guide will be a good starting point. Thanks for writing this. :)
HatedLove6's avatar
You're welcome, and thank you for letting me know this was helpful.
emdrawsmanga's avatar
Wow, I just stumbled over this and saw you wrote a lot of other stuff. I'm impressed by the way you describe everything, and even more by the huge amount of information! Thank you for sharing the impressive knowledge! I'll definetly read the other parts!!
Greets, Emi;)
HatedLove6's avatar
Thank you very much. :) I really need to update these guides though. Spelling and grammar errors along with ideas, rephrasing parts and stuff. I'm almost done, just a few more of the guides to go, but it's honestly not that much editing so it's fine if you read the rest sooner rather than later.
emdrawsmanga's avatar
You're welcome! Oh yes, proofreading and correcting can be a true pain sometimes...I'll be looking forward to it in that case. Just don't stress yourself:)
foxwafflesdraws's avatar
Darn, I can't read :( Not 18. But I'm a serious writer and I absolutely love your articles so far, I've read every single one up till now. Guess I just have to wait 2 years ^.^
HatedLove6's avatar
Aw, I'm sorry. I'm sure you can read this on Fiction Press: [link]. If anyone wants to read it, I usually put my stuff on multiple sites, it's just that Fiction Press doesn't force me to put up passwords, or keeps minors from reading. I just put the strict mature content here just in case, because dA's pretty strict. It's honestly not graphic or anything, but :shrugs: I'm planning to add on to this part sooner or later (probably later), so if you have anything that could be helpful before I add on to this part, that would be great.

I'm also so glad you like my guides, and thank you for faving part 1 and 2.
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