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Inflow of Japanese Characters

I’m pretty sure everyone knows where to point the blame.  Manga and anime—a Japanese creation, inspired by America’s Disney animations, that has gotten immensely popular over the decades, but this really shouldn’t be complained about, especially if said Japanese characters are OCs for a Japanese-based canon universe for a fan fiction.  I could say the same thing about the inflow of animal-like characters for the Sonic fandom, or the vector-styled ponies for My Little Ponies.  I’m also sure people had complaints about “black” literature, or the inflow of strong female heroines.  The inflow of Japanese characters isn’t any different.

I am writing an original story in the Japanese setting, and I plan to write other stories also in the Japanese setting, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have plans to write in other settings.  Why did I choose Japan for the story I’m writing?  Mostly because the story is supposed to be a written manga, but Japan’s culture and laws fit what I wanted.  Japan’s history is filled with beginnings, endings, rebirths, and spirituality—not to mention the current society trends and laws—were very suitable for the plot.  

If someone wants to write in a Japanese setting let them, even if you despise people who write in the setting.  Even if it’s just a trend or a phase.  Just because you’re annoyed at the sheer quantity of something, doesn’t mean that other people aren’t enjoying these stories.  Given time, these authors will most likely move on to other settings to write about, so in the mean time, think of it as practice.
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Now that you mention, I do have a share of Japanese characters, but actually only one story has them heavily and the story is based on the Satsuma Rebellion, which happened right in the kicker of Meiji Era (Honestly, though, I chose it to have an East-West mix in the works and justify a Japanese boy wielding a claymore). The other stories I have are pretty mixed, being the only other one with Japanese characters as secondary characters, being main characters Western boys (one has an American, another one has a Latino) and a retcon of a character whose adventures will happen in New Jersey.