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How to Choose Character Traits Randomly

This is the updated version of How to Create a Character's Looks Randomly Part 1 and Part 2  I'm leaving the previous versions up because there's a lot of people to send a message saying "Hey, look, I made an updated version of this."

How is this version better than the previous:
  1. There's only one part (but a big file size)
  2. I've added more information on the Skin, Mouth, Hair, Hands and Feet section
  3. Clearer pictures.
  4. I answered some questions that people have asked me, or answers I think people would ask.

Aside from being curious on how other people design their characters, I also made this tutorial because of the whole Mary-Sue drama.  Apparently, if a character is even remotely better than average looking, especially in female characters, they're labeled as unbelievable; in other words, a Mary-Sue.  This procedure takes out the biasness, so if a character ends up as good-looking, it's not your fault.  Not that I believe in that whole Mary-Sue schtick, but this just saves me a lot of arguments.

If you don't know what a Mary-Sue is, or if you want to read a whole lot of my opinion about Mary-Sues, I have two series of guides about Mary-Sues and writing in general:

Mary-Sue: Who is She?
The Mary-Sue Complaints Checklist

But, seriously, take it from me, don't believe in Mary-Sues.  It's not worth the energy.

EDIT: I also have a book about face-reading, and so I may have more in-depth tutorials going over the differences in each separate part of the body, such as hair, ears, facial lines, forehead, brows, and more.

007B Women's Breasts
Obsidian Bookshelf Eye Colors
Live Science "Did Elizabeth Taylor Really Have Violet Eyes?"
Premier Life Body Shapes
Marisa Write Foot Shape
Hands: A Guide to Palmistry by Enid Hoffman
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Fabulous, hatedlove6. I read it, and I was first intimidated by how lengthy it is, but it's mostly to-the-point, and I appreciate that. Great for writing and drawing. Thanks so much for your effort. It is greatly admired and I will be bookmarking this.