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How to Choose Character Traits Randomly

This is the updated version of How to Create a Character's Looks Randomly Part 1 and Part 2  I'm leaving the previous versions up because there's a lot of people to send a message saying "Hey, look, I made an updated version of this."

How is this version better than the previous:
  1. There's only one part (but a big file size)
  2. I've added more information on the Skin, Mouth, Hair, Hands and Feet section
  3. Clearer pictures.
  4. I answered some questions that people have asked me, or answers I think people would ask.

Aside from being curious on how other people design their characters, I also made this tutorial because of the whole Mary-Sue drama.  Apparently, if a character is even remotely better than average looking, especially in female characters, they're labeled as unbelievable; in other words, a Mary-Sue.  This procedure takes out the biasness, so if a character ends up as good-looking, it's not your fault.  Not that I believe in that whole Mary-Sue schtick, but this just saves me a lot of arguments.

If you don't know what a Mary-Sue is, or if you want to read a whole lot of my opinion about Mary-Sues, I have two series of guides about Mary-Sues and writing in general:

Mary-Sue: Who is She?
The Mary-Sue Complaints Checklist

But, seriously, take it from me, don't believe in Mary-Sues.  It's not worth the energy.

EDIT: I also have a book about face-reading, and so I may have more in-depth tutorials going over the differences in each separate part of the body, such as hair, ears, facial lines, forehead, brows, and more.

007B Women's Breasts
Obsidian Bookshelf Eye Colors
Live Science "Did Elizabeth Taylor Really Have Violet Eyes?"
Premier Life Body Shapes
Marisa Write Foot Shape
Hands: A Guide to Palmistry by Enid Hoffman
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Fabulous, hatedlove6. I read it, and I was first intimidated by how lengthy it is, but it's mostly to-the-point, and I appreciate that. Great for writing and drawing. Thanks so much for your effort. It is greatly admired and I will be bookmarking this.
HatedLove6's avatar
Sweating a little...   I can understand that, but I’m glad you pushed through, and that you liked it!
Aulyssae12's avatar
I was reading the trivia about having a third nipple and I'm now inspired to give one of my OC's one just for fun XD
HatedLove6's avatar
Most people don't even realize that they may have one, and think it's just a mole or freckle.  The human body is a wondrous and mysterious thing.
icysquirrel's avatar
I have green eyes T-O *I always thought it was a normal colour*

^_^ trying to find anime boob drawing guides is like trying to find out how to draw a mans crotch in anime (I don't want to make him look like action man).

hello old friend 
tinierme: peaka 
HatedLove6's avatar
OH HI!  :wow:  How have you been?
Green is a "normal" eye color, it's just rarer than blue.  Black, violet and red/pink are rarer than green.  It's one of those genes.
icysquirrel's avatar
It's been a roller coaster of up and downs. hope you have been ok? 

Guess it helps to be European when it come to green eyes. 
HatedLove6's avatar
Life's been neutral.  Some bad, some good.  I'm going to be moving out of state within the week, and that's terrifying even though I want to and it was solely my decision.  I've never ever been out of the state before, so just jumping on the wagon and moving a long way without visiting first is making me jittery.  But it's for the good of my mental and emotional state.  I can't stand being at home here.
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Looks like a great reference!
HatedLove6's avatar
Thank you very much!  I'm glad you enjoy it.
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i never take hand and foot shape into considtion for character designs.
HatedLove6's avatar
But I still think it's fun to know.
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It is so interesting to see this and read it, and to also look at yourself and realise you may have very different heritage in your blood. :P However, I never knew the actual names for the palm lines. (can't seem to find one that matches mine) Nor the thing that eyes can actually be violet! Thank you for this, it is extremely detailed and you definitely put a lot of research into your tutorials! It is great to see! :)
HatedLove6's avatar
I'm not sure of the "different heritage" part, but humans, even limited to a certain ethnic background, can be quite diverse physically.  There's a theory that all humans came from the African region and then spread out and mutated as time went by, and that even today that no one in the world is further than your fiftieth cousin.  It's kind of amazing to think about it, actually, but I'm pretty sure they're still just theories.  Thank you for the lovely comment and I'm glad you learned a lot.
Amicus-Nocte's avatar
Oh yes I have! Indeed there is substantial evidence that we came from Africa originally. Thanks for notifying me about the new tutorial, not many do that! 
HatedLove6's avatar
danitaguty's avatar
i never thought the characters could have diverse feet 
HatedLove6's avatar
The human body is quite diverse indeed.  :)
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I'm always blown away by your tutorials and help guides. You put a lot of effort and research into them, and the products are always stunning and incredibly informative. Thank you so much for posting this. Although I don't have enough time to read through it completely yet, I read the top half and skimmed through the bottom portions. Just.... kudos to you! It's always a true pleasure to read through your deviations. Hopefully now that I'm on summer break I'll have an opportunity to actually comment on your posts! (Which, I'm sorry I haven't responded to our last conversation yet! My inbox has been a bit unruly for a while...)

Once again, thank you so much for posting this! It is a great help!
HatedLove6's avatar
I figured out how to make this larger without showing the full size, so the text should be much easier to read now.  I feel better about that at least.
HatedLove6's avatar
Wow, thank you so much! :love:  I'm glad that this was informative and that it could help, and that you could read it (the font is quite small, so I got worried).  I actually got a book about face reading, so I may post more physical traits as a separate entry once I have read it.  While skimming it, I saw a section on ears that had interested me because I didn't know there could be different ear shapes.  I'm also planning on making a guide on clothing, but that won't be started for quite a while yet.  I just need to finish the glossary in my journal, and then I can start it, but again, I can't work on it for a while.  I'm glad to have another project going on besides anything about Mary-Sues.  Thank you again for telling me that you liked this.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns I'm all ears.
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