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Having Numerous Hobbies

Like I briefly mentioned in "How to Review Character Sheets", characters can have a multitude of hobbies, but it doesn't mean that they have a special talent or are good at any of them.  If they do it because they have time and want to, or they're bored and they do it, it shouldn't really matter how many hobbies the character has.  Time in a single day shouldn't matter either—I don't do every single one of my hobbies every single day, I do it when I feel like it.  I could stop something for a year, and then get back on it for a day and stop again, but I still do like to do whatever it is.  It's considered a hobby (a very slow hobby, but a hobby).

What do I do that are considered hobbies, or stuff that I like to do on occasion?  
  • I write original fiction, writing guides, fan fiction, and very rarely write poetry.
  • I also like reading, whether it is professionally published fiction, manga, online published original and fan fiction, and I like reading grammar books.  I also like reading poetry.
  • I like drawing with pencil and graphite or charcoal in mostly anime/manga style, but I also like drawing realistic portraits when I have the time for one sitting.  I'm also getting into water color, but it's something that I probably won't post on the internet until I improve.
  • Watching my neighbors' cats.
  • Quote collecting, which includes: quotes, epitaphs, jokes, riddles, passages of poetry, lyrics, and books, and proverbs?  Sometimes I think up my own quotes.
  • Crocheting.
  • Browsing on my favorite internet sites.
  • Bookbinding whenever I have enough materials.
  • Embroidery.
  • Singing when I'm alone in my room.
  • I like hiking, and riding my bike, but besides the beach, there aren't anywhere very scenic close by, and I've been busy.
  • People and animal watching.
  • Making words up, like "unalmondize".  I.e. I wish my Java Mocha Fudge ice cream was unalmondized.
  • I love watching shows, mainly crime shows like NCIS or Criminal Minds.  I also like some stand-up comedians.  Horror movies are a passion to me.
  • I love startling people, even when I don't do it on purpose.
  • I like puzzle-based or hidden object computer games.
  • Origami, whenever I get origami paper.
  • I do a lot of self-reflection.
  • I like researching stuff that pertains to my stories or writing guides; i.e. mental illnesses, medical terms, single parenthood, and other true stories of various conditions.
  • I've also been doing some heavy research on spirituality, occult, mythology, alchemy—I'm basically my own Golden Dawn.  While I can use this research for my stories, this is mostly for me, so I can satiate my own curiosity.  Maybe after a few more years I could write my own "bible".

Let's not even get to what I plan on trying at least once that might become a new hobby.  A lot of my hobbies are considered arts and crafts, so maybe a character should stick to whatever their most interested in whether it is art, science, math, athletics, history, and whatever category you can think of, but I still wouldn't be so strict about it.  Depending what I'm researching, it can be considered science as well as history instead of art.  Some people's interests overlap to different categories.  The only thing you need to worry about is whether this or that hobby is more active than others and maybe how much time it takes to complete something, for example, I can startle a person in only a few seconds, then I can move on with my day and proceed with my other hobbies.

As far as "talent" goes, it's tricky, especially in the artistic point of view.  Art is very subjective.  If many people compliment a person for their drawings or writing, then the person being complimented can think he or she is talented in this area, but there will always be a few people who think the person's work is, well, crap.  Unlike science or math, art isn't foolproof; there isn't one path that leads to the answer.  I think I have talent in writing and drawing, but I know I don't have talent in crocheting or embroidery; does that stop me from continuing those hobbies?  No, I keep trying, and I keep doing them because they make me feel relaxed and I enjoy it.

Besides, hobbies aren't supposed to be the main part of a story; it's just something a character does from time to time when they don't have to save the world at the moment or whatever else it is that they have to do.
If you haven't, please read my Mary-Sue: Who is She? Series first.

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