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Who here is a fan of the show Supernatural?  If you are, then the odds of you having this complaint would be quite low; congrats for having an open mind!  If you don’t know what the show is, just know that there are people who have been possessed by demons, angels, leviathan, and probably more creatures that I can’t recall.  Some humans have also been possessed by multiples of these creatures (Cass and the leviathan).  Does this mean that possession is over the top?  Not necessarily.  If you can come up with a list of rules or guidelines to follow so that possession remains consistent, then it shouldn’t seem so.

In Supernatural, only people with unshakable faith can be possessed by angels, while demons can just about take anybody over.  The leviathan had swam in the city’s water system, so anyone who drank the town’s water could have been possessed.  While angels can heal their host’s bodies when they’re injured, the human soul seems to experience a mental drain, as if riding the back of a comet and doesn’t know what’s quite going on all of the time.  Demons, on the other hand, can possess live as well as dead bodies, so wouldn’t care about burning out their hosts, or healing whatever wounds they had gotten; therefore, if the demon is chased out of the body, the host would still have those injuries, and if it’s serious enough, could die.  Also, the host is more or less aware of what’s going on if the demon allows them to know.  Leviathan?  Who knows?  None of the hosts seem to have survived.

Another example of possession can be found in the manga The World God Only Knows where some of the girls that Keima “conquered” were possessed by the missing sister goddesses and end up remembering the awkward time (for Keima) of being conquered.

Now that angels, demons, goddesses and other creature possessions have been covered, what about alter egos?  Let’s go back and review a previous chapter “Physical/Emotional/Mental Disabilities/Disorders.”  Remember Dissociative Identity Disorder?  That can be one reason.  The other reason can be something closer to normal (in a mentally healthy way of speaking).

Do you ever get the feeling like you aren’t behaving as one-hundred percent yourself, or feel that you can be more than you are?  That’s your alter ego talking.  It wants to come out, but it never quite reaches the surface, and if it does, it’s usually not permanent.

I’m extremely self-conscious and am conscious of other people’s presence and personal bubble which I hate intruding on.  Therefore, people see me flinching or squeaking or jumping when they or I get too close.  My alter ego, on the other hand is far more aggressive than I currently can be, and only really comes out in my thoughts or in my writing.  I hate verbally sharing my opinions because I tend to sound illiterate, but with my writing I can be far more eloquent.  Everyone has an alter ego, or at the very least a subconscious personality, and there’s really nothing wrong with it.
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