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Coming Back to Life

Unlike most of the other complaints, I can understand this to a point.  Yeah, it's annoying when RPers encounter someone, maybe not necessarily a person whom is new to RP, who keeps coming back to the world of the living with hardly any explanation.  It's the same way for fiction, but like with everything, as long as it's fully explained, coming back to life, even multiple times, shouldn't be the problem

Take the show Supernatural for example.  Dean was electrocuted to the point where his heart would fail within the next month, until Sam found a shady healer that actually healed him using a Grim Reaper as a slave.  Yes, he didn't die but it counts because he was in terminal condition before he was unnaturally healed.  Then Sam died, stabbed in the back by another psychic, so then Dean made a deal with the crossroads demon to bring Sam back to life while Dean only had a year left to live, in which he did die.  Gruesomely.  Months later, Dean was dragged out of Hell, yes, Hell, by Castiel the angel.  A Trickster, put Sam in a time loop, making him watch Dean die more than a thousand times.  After Sam and Dean started the apocalypse, they were both shot to death by another pair of hunters, where they both ended up in Heaven, met the keeper of the garden, Joshua, and was brought back down to earth, living again.  Then, on the battlefield between Michael, possessing Adam, and Lucifer, possessing Sam, Lucifer obliterated Castiel who has also died a couple of times before, and Bobby, Sam and Dean's research guru slash father-figure, then Sam regains control and jumps into the pit dragging Michael/Adam, and Lucifer with him.  God brings back Castiel, and with regained angel powers, brings Bobby back to life.  At the very first episode of the seventh season, their grandpa from their mother's side, Samuel, and Sam were also brought back to life.  Trust me; there will be more instances of characters being brought back to life in the more seasons to come.

Even with all of those events of people, Sam and Dean mostly, coming back to life, there were explanations attached to them, making it pretty believable for their universal laws.  It wasn't as if God brought them back to life without a reason, Sam and Dean were important because they had to stop the apocalypse—and if that isn't a good enough reason to bring someone back to life, I don't know what is.

And let's not forget the millions of people, here in the real-world who has had near-death experiences.  My cousin who was shot died on the operating table three times, but was resuscitated back to life.  He's doing fine now with only a long scar down the middle of his front and a scar down his calf to show of his experience.

The point, like always is, if there is enough reason and explanation to something, then it's fine to write it.  RPGs have additional rules because you are directly interacting with other people, so my personal rule is to not try and bring yourself back to life, but if someone else wants to, or if the game-maker wants to, then it's fine.
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SPOILERS!: If you love the show Supernatural, there are spoilers in it up to the seventh season.
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I guess part of the problem with this is the fact that it often collides with 'Unexplained Recovery'. Like in 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'. After Indy climbs back after the tank plunched into the canyon, don't you wonder how the hell he survived? Or in newest 'Piranha' movies that black American policemen, who is alive in 3DD, despite the fact that the first movie clearly showed him dying.

Or what takes the cake for me: 'Batman Beyond' , one of the first episodes of Season 3. Inque injects a mutagen mixed with dissolvent, we clearly see her dissolving (read: disintegrating) and at the end of the episode turns out she is still alive. HOW THE HELL SHE SURVIVED? That dissolvent was like an acid for her, there is no way she could survive that.

I personally think it's better when a character can be killed, but he is simply too wise to let anyone get him.