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30. Bittersweet Sixteen
Why is this even a thing?  No—better question—why didn't I write about this sooner?
Well, despite knowing that this complaint is frequently used as a petty reason to bring a character down, the reason I didn't write about this is mainly because it's so stupid, shallow, and I figured that the only time anyone would ever even consider the age of a character as a disparaging factor, is if the character was too young to be in a group, or to work, or some other stuff where you have to be, at minimum, a certain age to be able to attend something, which is fairly reasonable.  But no.  Sixteen is that demonic number that automatically puts a shade over a character.  
Should the age of a character really be enough to add a point to the Mary-Sue score?  Really?!  Should every character over the age of sixteen have a point just for having been sixteen for a year?  Are we really supposed to treat the number sixteen as the thirteenth floor in Chicago h
:iconhatedlove6:HatedLove6 4 3
Reasons I Will Not Give Your Story a Chance - 7
You claim your story is Choose Your Own Adventure, but there's only one or a few instances where the reader has to choose a fork in the path.
Choose Your Own Adventure is a genre where most of the chapters end with the reader having to choose which page or chapter to go to next.  There may be some chapters that only have one choice, which makes the chapter a bridge, and that's perfectly acceptable, but only if it's a few in comparison.  If only one or a few chapters in the entire story has the reader choose a path, I personally wouldn't consider it a CYOA.  
You claim your story is a CYOA and a Who Would You Fall For/Who Would Fall For You, but it isn't a CYOA.
CYOA is not interchangeable with WWYFF/WWFFY, nor that WWYFF/WWFFY is a subcategory of CYOA.  Some WWYFF/WWFFY stories have the reader choose which love interest they would want to be with, which is a fork in the path like CYOA, but if this is only going to happen in the end
:iconhatedlove6:HatedLove6 4 2
Reasons I Will Not Give Your Story a Chance - 6
Now we finally get to the first chapter.  Now, when I say "first chapter," I do mean the first chapter, but I also sometimes—not always—tend to look at a future chapter to see if these kinds of things persists.  If they do, I back out immediately without another thought.
The first chapter has character sheets.
I don't care if you have character sheets or bios or profiles or just whatever, as long as you don't put them in the first chapter, or in the middle of your story.  It tells me that you let the character sheets do the introducing, developing and describing for you.  Not good.  Either put them in a separate book or journal entry, or put them at the very end, after your story is completed.
The first chapter is an author note.
 It's one thing if you're explaining how to read Choose Your Own Adventure, or Who Would You Fall For, just in case there are readers who've never encountered interactive stories befor
:iconhatedlove6:HatedLove6 4 1
Reasons I Will Not Give Your Story a Chance - 5
You have mistagged your story or your story is under the wrong category or genre.
This is basically just false advertising.  If your story doesn't have sex scenes or isn't focusing on LGBTQA couples or isn't actually sci-fi even if time travel is a part of your story, and you tag it as such or you put your story under one of those categories or genres when your story isn't, you're going to let down a lot of potential readers who are looking for mature-themed stories or LGBTQA romance or sci-fi stories.  
I remember on Quizilla, people would often put in the summary "no lemons" or "not a lemon" ("lemon" being a code word for "sex scene"), and yet, even when people searched for just "lemon" it would still pop up in the list.  Why?  Because you put "lemon" in the summary, even though your story didn't actually have a lemon, and even though you clearly stated "not a lemon."  Why bother stating that?  If your story doesn't have any sex scenes,
:iconhatedlove6:HatedLove6 4 0
Reasons I Will Not Give Your Story a Chance - 4
Summaries that say, "No summary.  Just read," or "Summary sucks.  Story is better."
(1) If there is no summary, I'm not going to read it.  Period.  Even if I like the title.  It says to me that if you can't even come up with one sentence to summarize your story, you probably won't even put effort into your actual story.
(2) If you do give a summary, but say that it sucks, I'm more than likely going to assume that the story sucks too.  Moving on.
Summaries that are author notes.
Basically it's the author just talking to the readers, saying, "What's up?" or saying what their updating schedule will be like.  Hun, that stuff is for journal entries or activity entries.  Not summaries.
Summaries that basically introduce the main character/OC.
You know, if your title fails to impress me, I may still click on it if your summary intrigues me.  What doesn't interest me in the least is a brief characte
:iconhatedlove6:HatedLove6 4 2
Reasons I Will Not Give Your Story a Chance - 3
Titles such as [Insert Canon Character Here] x OC/Reader (for fan fiction) or Emo x Prep (for original stories).
Nope.  Absolutely not.  I will not even click on it and give you a read on your first chapter.  This is aimed more towards fan fiction, but the original story example is frankly just as bad to me, and here's why.  (1) Do you know who many titles will be similar to that?  Too many.  So how am I supposed to tell your story from all the others right off the bat without clicking on it?  (2) What if you want to write another separate story for the same pairing?  Are you going to just put "CanonxOC 2" or "Emo x Prep 2"?  No, because that would just look like the second chapter or the sequel to your first story when it isn't.
Don't get me wrong.  For fan fiction, you can have the pairing in the title, and even though I would rather not have it in the title (although it's not an absolute deal breaker), that cannot be
:iconhatedlove6:HatedLove6 3 0
Reasons I Will Not Give Your Story a Chance - 2
Covers or images that are copyrighted.
You have no idea how much this bugs me and I hate the cover feature overall. (1) QuoteV won't put your story in the list when people are searching and browsing stories without a cover image, which makes it harder for people to find your stories. (2) Because of this, people try and scramble around to find a picture to put as a cover image and because some aren't artists or know how to make covers, just pick a picture they downloaded from Google, a screenshot of TV Shows, cartoon or anime, or, worse, get their pictures from DeviantArt or other image hosting websites (including Photobucket), and say all it's good. No it is not. Just as plagiarizing stories are horrible (something this site also has problems with), so are using someone's picture without permission. The only reason stories with cover images that doesn't belong to the writer gets a click from me is so I can directly link the story to the original artist and let them han
:iconhatedlove6:HatedLove6 3 0
Reasons I Will Not Give Your Story a Chance - 1
I was lurking around the groups again, mainly the Writing or Help group, and I see a complaint.  Basically, people click on a story, and then click out. I do this, so I understand those people that do the same, but the rebuttal from the complainer is usually, "Just give my story a chance." Sometimes there's an explicative, or is added on to with, "The plot is good, I promise." Well, guess what? First impressions really are everything, so if I don't like something in the first paragraph, let alone the first chapter, I'm not going to read it. It doesn't matter how good your plot is if the syntax, spelling, grammar and formatting or other stuff keeps annoying me. And, honestly, when has a good plot or good characters ever been accompanied by multitude of errors or a number of whatever's in the list below?
So if you want a read after the first chapter from me, or even a comment, you better make a good first impression, or else I'm out and I won't even think to look at what else you ha
:iconhatedlove6:HatedLove6 6 0
Common Complaints on Fiction Writing Websites
I am a member of various websites dedicated to writing and sharing stories, both original and fan fiction, and no matter how different the site seems, not matter how different the rules are and what's appropriate vs inappropriate, it seems that people continually complain about the same things on almost every single one of these websites.  To put it frankly, I'm pretty tired of it because, usually, it's something that's out of that individual's control so there's literally no use in complaining about it because there is no way one person—or even a group of people—can stop it, but they also have a tone of voice that seems to say that they can change it, or, rather, that it should change.  And because whatever they're complaining about can't be controlled, it just seems obvious that instead of trying to change everybody else, maybe they need to change their own approach to websites, their own writing, and to their potential readers and peers.
Now, don'
:iconhatedlove6:HatedLove6 5 4
Before You Accuse Someone of 'Theft'
Some plagiarists are immediately found out—more so because that particular story is massively popular and the writer has a large fanbase whom can instantly remember where the copied story originally came from—while some copied stories go unnoticed and the credit and praise that should be given to the original person, goes to the plagiarist.  In the realm of the internet, it makes taking credit for stories, articles, and even pictures (although this article is more focused on written works) so much easier.  And it sucks.  But that's a risk that everyone must acknowledge when we post anything online.  Granted, that's also a risk when professionally publishing or self publishing an article or a story, but because it's much easier to copy stories on the internet, the cards are stacked even more against online users.  Some websites have lines of code that prevents people from highlighting text so people can't copy and paste other's work, but a simple add
:iconhatedlove6:HatedLove6 5 2
29. Beauty, Brains, and Brawn
Let's just get this out of the way:  I don't care if your character has a talent, or has multiple talents in each of these categories.  Yes, you can be a genius, enjoy playing soccer and have stellar looks.  Beauty—in that skin-deep beauty sort of—is genetics, or taking a few minutes with a make-up set and a few more playing with your hair, brains is spending time studying, and brawn is spending time playing, rough-housing, or just plain exercising.  It doesn't encompass all the time in a lifetime to have excelled at one thing in each of these categories.  There are a few people—OK, way more than just a few people—who "cheat" with plastic surgery, uppers so students can stay up for days at a time, and steroids.
Fictional characters can have all three of these categories, and don't need to cheat in order to be "realistic," developed, or balanced.  There is nothing wrong with having brains, beauty, and brawn.  Period.  They
:iconhatedlove6:HatedLove6 3 4
28. 'Rare' vs 'Impossible'
This complaint is more geared toward genetic traits, but the same basic idea applies to pretty much anything.  Basically, just because something is rare, doesn't mean that it's impossible to have.
As far as genetic traits, mutations, and diseases go, review your biology text book and learn about basic statistics.  Let's say that you and your partner each have a gene that may cause your children to become blind, but it's about a twenty-five percent chance.  Now let's say that this couple does have four children, but none of them are blind, how is that possible?  Well, in this example, the odds and statistics starts over after every child is born.
To explain this, let's say you have a bag of marbles.  Four of the marbles are blue, two is red, and one is yellow.  If you were to reach in the bag without peaking inside, you would have a four-in-seven chance of getting a blue marble, two-in-seven chance of getting a red marble, and one-in seven chance of getting
:iconhatedlove6:HatedLove6 2 0
27. Characters with Extra Long Hair
You have no idea how petty this is, but I see it, and do you know what the complainer's reasoning is?  It's too hard to manage.
Here's me snorting at them because I used to have hair that was below my butt, and I'm sure one of my friends with even longer hair than that, and still has just as long hair, is snorting at them too.  Yes, it's harder to manage than short hair, but it's not as impossible as you all make it out to be.  Braiding and ponytails was my best friend, and as long as the hair was healthy, brushing wasn't all that hard either (because my hair is only slightly wavy at the bottom in comparison if I had super-springy curly hair).  Also, just because there wasn't any sophisticated hair care products that could make hair easier to manage in the olden days of the Middle Ages, didn't mean women didn't enjoy having long hair, not that they could cut their hair short back then anyway.  The medieval days were a weird time for women's hair; they had to be
:iconhatedlove6:HatedLove6 4 10
26. OCs with a Canon Character's Name
It's one thing if the OC has the same name with a canon character of the same fandom the fan fiction takes place in (which could be problematic: however could also be interesting), but it's another thing entirely if the canon character is not present within the fandom the fan fiction, or even original fiction, takes place in.
Kagome Higurashi from Rumiko Takahashi's Inuyasha is practically an iconic character.  Anyone who reads manga has probably at least heard of Inuyasha, and since this series is so popular in the manga world, the main character, Kagome, would also be well-known.  Takahashi didn't make up the name, "Kagome."  Kagome, as the name or word, is more well known as a little children's game, but, if written in kanji, the popular translation would be "bamboo weave pattern". Not to mention Takahashi used the name because she had seen it on TV, so she herself used the name from another source.  In other words, if you're going to attack anyone
:iconhatedlove6:HatedLove6 3 2
How to Keep Canon Characters in Character
It's funny that despite messing up my OCs, in my first fan fiction stories, I have always seemed to be able to keep the canon characters in character, or at the very least they were recognizable as themselves, so it seems a little weird to me that it just doesn't just click for everyone else.  Usually I can just read or watch a series and be able to empathize with the canon characters so well, that writing them in stories seem to almost come naturally.  Almost.  Some characters are hard for me to identify with, and because I haven't really seen any guides specifically for keeping canon characters in character, I thought I'd give a few tips of my own, especially for these characters that are more difficult to get to know.  Of course everyone would have their own interpretation of said characters, and maybe my tips won't work for you, but I thought this could help at least someone out there.  Who knows?  Maybe this will inspire you to come up with your own t
:iconhatedlove6:HatedLove6 6 0
How I Name My Characters
If you've read one of my Mary-Sue guides, specifically Romeo and Gertrude?, then you already have an idea of how I name my characters, but I decided to make a separate guide illustrating it all step-by-step because I keep seeing people asking for names, and I just can't fathom why they just don't look up baby naming sites themselves.  What makes this even more annoying for me is, as much as I would love to pick out names for them, they don't set up any parameters or limitations or even give any hints as to which kind of names would be acceptable.  As much as diversity is needed, people still write main characters as caucasian, so people assume as much and list a bunch of names that are European of origin (specifically English) or names that are biblical, or Hebrew, but then this person comes out and says that they were looking for more unique names for their African-American character because African-Americans are well known for mixing and matching up names to give to their c
:iconhatedlove6:HatedLove6 4 5

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How to get published.
Step one to getting published: pick out a few of your stories you want published.
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Step three: read this: it's a guide to formatting your stories for publication, and format your stories accordingly.
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I suggest you start here: it's an online listing of most publishers there are.
Step five: when your stories get turned down, repeat step four until you get accepted.
:iconjochannon:jochannon 10 6
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100ThemeChallenge-SHONEN vers.
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Just stuff I like. It ranges greatly from anime to tattoos to photos, but mostly anime or cartoons.



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Hi! I'm HatedLove6, obviously. For now, I'm just creating my profile to store favorites, but I'll eventually put up some art. It's usually just pencil and colored pencil work, but recently, some of my favorite colors to use are nubs so I'll probably be using Gimp 2.6 for most of the coloring and stuff. Hope you like them if and when I post something up here. Let's see, other than that I like to write, but I'm a bit sketchy on using this site for that.

Current Residence: California, USA
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In one day, my new motto went down the drain, and I'll only follow it if I'm really, really desperate.  That motto being: If you can walk to the city you are going to before your bus even arrives at the stop, walk.

Pretty great, right?  I save money on bus fare and it's exercise.  Green and eco friendly all around.

There's one bus that only comes around every hour, and I had just missed it.  I figure that if I can walk up to a distance anyway, I may as well just walk home.  Due to an incident last time with the bus, I figure that it'll all be good.  What happened last time, you may be wondering?

Basically, I sat at a bus stop for two hours with no sign of life, then I walk for a half hour and wait for the bus at a familiar stop for about ten more minutes (keep in mind that I hadn't seen any buses all throughout the walk) with no bus still.  I call my mom for a ride, she tells me to go to a corner of intersecting roads, I walk and while I'm talking on the phone, the bus comes and I have no hope of catching it from the corner I stood.  I stamp my feet and cursed, and I waited for my mom.  On the way home, I see the super easy to remember route and say "God damn it, I could have just walked the rest of the way home."

So ever since then, I've been wanting to at least try to walk all the way home from that point once. 

Back to the present, I had just missed the bus home, so I decided to walk home and see if I make it there before the bus does because this particular bus likes winding through the college and loves to circle around every block.  Also keep in mind that while I'm not overweight in the slightest, I hardly exercise, so I'm not fit either.  That means that it was still a hard walk for a non-athletic person not used to using these particular leg muscles.

I walked 5.1 miles in one hour and forty-one minutes.  Then, when I got home, I realized that me and my little brother were locked out of the house because he didn't carry a key, and I lost mine a long time ago.  My other brother was at his job, and mom was about a hundred miles away on her way home from a convention.  All of the windows are locked, and I can't seem to pop them out.  The only other accessible window was the upstairs bathroom window that is impossible to lock.  I climb up the pipes on the side of the house, open the window and realize that the window is too small, even for me, a rather not-tall person, to get in. 

Climbing down was harder than climbing up.  Me and my brother waited on his dad to pick us up.  He took us to his place, had dinner there, and waited until Mom came back.

And, by the way, I would have gotten home a half hour sooner, and a lot less sore if I had just taken the bus.  I probably also would have made it home in time to catch my brother before he locked all of the doors.

After a long soak in the tub, I can already feel the soreness.  It's going to be a b**** tomorrow.  I just know it.  And I have to do more walking tomorrow!

Even so, if I had a bike, I don't think it would have been that bad of a journey, but as for walking . . . until, or unless, I get used to it, no.  Not five miles.  Never five miles again.

I remember jogging for the single mile for high school, and yes, while it's a bit of a distance, I never really realized how long a mile really is until it's laid out in a line instead of a circle track.  Five miles was daunting.


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