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dark things by berkozturk dark things :iconberkozturk:berkozturk 1,769 87
the hate i get...
the hate i get, is everywhere. i just started high school, hoping that i wouldnt have to worry about covering scars, but i have to cover them and cuts.
i carry a saftey pin now, its sorta like a saftey blanket thats sharp.
will people see? im wearing 2 braclets that wrap around.
in health we had to fill out a paper, and one question: what would u change about ur self and why?
my answer? id change EVERYTHING. because i HATE MYSELF.
and i really do HATE myself...
i have a anti depressent, i stoped taking it.
i hate the idea that u have to take a pill to be happy.
have i been thinking of suicide since i stoped taking it? yes
i laugh in class pretending, putting that mask back on that ive been hiding under for 3years.
i smile at my teachers, to have them think im okay.
i at least want 1 teacher know im faking it all. so i have someone to go to?
i dont know at the middle school i had 2 teachers to go to.
im thinking about telling a teacher that ive been bullied since 2nd grade
and that in t
:iconartlives4you:ArtLives4You 5 2
Cry, Cut, Bleed
    She stares at the butterflies on her wrist. Drawn there by her own hand with eyeliner and perminant marker. Tears slip down her face it's been a bad day.
She only made the butterflies this morning and they're already going to die never getting their chance to fade away. "I'm so sorry." She cries as the blade runs across her skin.
She looks at her phone thinking who she could call. One boy comes to mind but she hates the way she gets butterflies when she thinks of him. Another sob breaks free just thinking of him and she brings the razor across her fragile skin again blood bubbling up at the survace and going sideways over to her elbow.
She learnt cutting up higher works better, it's easier to use the excuse "they're just cat scratches" It's sad everybody believed her. They looked so fresh. That one on her upper arm? Ya that's the deepest she's ever gone. it's deeper than a playful cat scratch.
Will anybody see her tears? She gained better friends but will she pu
:iconashleyorerin:ashleyorerin 4 2
Drowning in a sea,
a sea of broken memories.
Sinking further down,
sinking into the ground,
death awaiting at night's kiss.
Silently screaming,
screaming for some truth,
some one to end all this.
No one hears, my pleads and cries.
The "help"s and "why"s.
No one seems to want anything to do with me,
it's killing me, can't you see?
The darkness is consuming, and it's all around.
And with this heavy weight, I just cant make a sound.
:iconwondersstaywonders:Wondersstaywonders 22 23
I thought it would all be okay.
I decided to tell you.
I caught your secret, and you caught mine.
So why does it feel like I lost you?
Why does my heart hurt this much?
Why does it suddenly feel like all the happiness I felt..
was nothing but a lie?
I thought you would catch me as I fell,
but you just watched me hit the ground.
I can't blame you,
knowing the fate of the sin,
but you still said "maybe".
Don't give me false hope,
and make me cry,
While no one can hear my fright,
crying into my pillow,
at the cold night.
It just hurts so fucking much right now,
I want to tell you,
but I don't know how.
All I know is that when you caught my secret,
something changed.
I used to be happy,
knowing someone was there,
and that finally I had someone,
who wouldn't care if I had faults.
But today, I looked around,
looked deep down,
and no matter how hard I tried to find you,
you weren't there anymore.
:iconwondersstaywonders:Wondersstaywonders 3 5
All I Really Have to Say
Just wow.
That's all I really have to say.
I have to wonder,
would you care if I went away?
Today you should know,
that I don't want to be toyed with.
So why do you keep doing it?
Hurting me.
Making me cry.
When I said it was okay,
that was a lie.
It't not alright
because right now I hate the way you are.
Because I'm starting to see,
that we won't get very far.
Don't talk to me
if that's what you wish.
Just leave me in the dark,
so you'll never see this.
oh god please!
Just stay the hell away from me right now.
I don't wanna see you anyhow.
I'm gonna cry,
and remember when we would talk.
But then again I'll smile,
and remember,
all the times,
you wouldn't wait up when you walked.
The reason your not the same,
when your with another person?
It's because your getting closer to them,
and further away from me.
Jealousy eats at my skin,
gets the best of me.
And I start to think,
that if you get too close to that friend,
you'll abandon me,
just like everyone els
:iconwondersstaywonders:Wondersstaywonders 2 9
See the Scars
Behind my fake smile is a horrible past.
Always feels like Im walking on broken glass.
Put down every time, no one listens.
And my blood on said glass sits there and glistens.
Because when you feel the cold from the blade,
your not gonna think about it.
When you see the red marks below your hand
your gonna wanna shout it.
You cant fight it anymore, its the only way.
And im sorry is all you really have to say.
But too bad your not.
Just like me.
Because no one can see the pain in your eyes,
when youve put pride aside.
Nothing anyone can say will lift you up.
Not even the diamond in the rough.
going insane is how I feel.
And I just dont know how to deal.
But Im waiting to see if anyone cares.
To get the jist.
If anyone bothers to see the scars on my wrist.
:iconwondersstaywonders:Wondersstaywonders 5 1
All together by kinkei All together :iconkinkei:kinkei 3,570 147
I arrive at my boyfriends house
He greets me with a somber expression
"Show me..."
He's referring to the maze I cut into my hip
I unbutton my shorts and fold them down
As I expose the fresh red lines,
He lets out an audible gasp.
He looks up at me and his eyes display
Fear and surprise, he looks like a frantic trapped animal
He doesn't know what to do this time.
"Oh my God, Kristin. They've never been this bad."
He studies them more, I think I see tears pooling in his eyes
I slowly nod. I know these are bad. Worse than ever.
He recovers and takes control.
"We are cleaning those right now."
His voice is strong and comanding.
I know I can't say no.
I lay back in his bed while he rummages in the hall closet.
He returns with gauze, cotton balls, and rubbing alcohol.
He kneels on the ground and cleans them,
I grit my teeth at the pain, tears finally emerging.
I look down at him and the tears get worse.
How many boyfriends would clean out his girlfriends
Self inflicted wounds? As far as I kn
:iconkml91225:kml91225 24 25
Locked Up, Straight Jacket
Hey 2 AM,
Haven't seen you in a while.
Can't say I missed you,
I hate what happens
When I get to you.
I could call it desperation
But it feels more like going crazy.
Dark crazy, locked up, straight jacket crazy.
Visions of pools of blood and razor blades.
I know I'm getting worse.
Do I look better on the outside?
Of course not, not uncovered.
I've never been more covered in cuts.
I'm scared. They've never bled like this.
I'm such a disappointment.
I can't stop, I'm different,
It's infected me deeper.
I don't even care anymore.
But I know, because I can feel it
The "real me" is huddled deep inside
Afraid of the monsters
Scared of what she became.
:iconkml91225:kml91225 15 15
Mature content
Liquid Sadness :iconhighflyingswallows:HighFlyingSwallows 14 20
I'm so broken...
I feel like I could blow away with the wind...
Or maybe that's just wishful thinking...
It's like everyone is inside my head,
Tearing at my
Do they even remember that I have feelings?
Do they even CARE whether I still have feelings?
I take all that they dish.
I keep on that iron smile.
I keep my head held high,
Shoulders back.
But on the inside I am crying,
I am curled up into a tight ball hyperventilating...
Gasping for air,
But finding only poison...
Poison that burns my throat,
Feels like needles in my chest...
I shake,
I claw at my face,
I scream for help.
But all my cries are muffled by their selfish thoughts,
Their thought to be 'truths'
Their lies...
:iconhighflyingswallows:HighFlyingSwallows 13 26
The Hand Of Depression
I am the collision of fear and pride,
A thought pattern to keep to one side,
I am the strength behind your confusion,
The unseen cast member supporting the illusion,
I am the thought that stems from an emotion,
The unbalanced action created by a notion,
I am the emotion that stems from a thought,
The unseen enemy, thus you have never fought,
The chemical process that dictates life,
The reason for tears, the reaction of your wife,
The statue of sand you can't forgive,
The innocent laughter coming from your kid,
The unlabelled luggage you were forced to bring,
The husband standing silently tapping his wedding ring,
The illusion you can feel,
Holding clouds you state this is real,
The odour you can smell,
Holding beliefs, the ones you can't sell,
The sound that you can hear,
Holding pills to battle their fear,
The sight that makes you stay,
A councillor that fails, begins to pray,
I am the trigger, one step before your action,
I am automatic, an instant attraction,
I am the collision of f
:iconlackofevolution:lackofevolution 17 4
Fighting Your Help
You give me the strength to hope, to believe,
You are the heart the hides under my sleeve,
I hesitated at first, his at the start,
Then you became the blood pumping through my heart,
When happy, you have less of an impact,
Then, with fears you become fact,
You fail to judge when I shout,
Instead you assist, negatives thought to come out,
Isolation of the mind, when I feel alone,
You stand in a glass house holding a stone,
With your strength, I stand, I lay,
Negatives become positives, I'm a wave, you're the bay,
You are my lover; your mind is open,
Remembering the meaning behind all I have spoken,
You are my friend, you're always there,
To both create and hold each unbalanced tare,
Birth due to an emotion, their existence I hide,
You remind me that I can battle the tide,
I see the wave, it has a reflection; it's me,
I collide with myself and attempt to be,
Myself without regret,
The cure is the infection, I try to forget,
However, fail when you enter my sight,
You are my defence and th
:iconlackofevolution:lackofevolution 11 6
Inside my heart
Is running up
Into my head
And out my eyes
And down my cheeks
The monster breathes
Fire on my heart
The monster scratches
My nose 'til raw
No escape
No release
Just pain
No defense
No offense
Just pain
No help
All hurt
Just pain
:iconhallo-ich-liebe-dich:hallo-ich-Liebe-dich 12 5


I've started a new account for all my more 'professional' pieces, now that I have dramatically improved. I won't be posting to this one anymore so if you want to continue to follow me, my new deviantID is
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