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Defeated By A Red Child's Hand

Ever recall an AKATEKO? A red child's disembodied hand that hangs on Japanese honey locust trees and only startles people. Yesterday (or was it today), I had a funny idea with this kind of yokai.

Mitsuri bet all of his yen note or loses a lot of money on every round in both arm wrestling and thumb wars. He's now broke and disappointed. Maybe it was his luck, due to 4 tails of his equals FOUR as very unlucky to Japan. If only Hiroaki and Yoshiko could've stopped him before he places too many bets on his yen or Japanese dollars.

That is, on the other HAND....

Yokai of a Chance (チャンスの妖怪) ®
Yokai of a Chance (チャンスの妖怪 )™

Mitsuru Kitsune, Yoshiko Neko, and Hiroaki Chochin-obake © Josiah Shockency (JCS)

Friday, April 22nd, 2016 (Earth Day)

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that's hilarious!
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Oh yes, four is a unlucky number in Japanese culture indeed.
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Oh my WORD!!! XD
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Totally relatable when I played a game of "soda roulette" back at my laddie days...
though I often win... my expression is similar to Yoshiko's when I'm doused with Dr . Pepper (Me losing)
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Soda Roulette, how Is it I performed:
I do it up to 5 individuals,
There are up to 5 soda cans (of any carbonated kind),
one of them individuals will be the soda shaker. He cannot participate in guessing but will ask others to look away as he doe the shaking,
He will then ask the participant to look back and pick any of the 5 soda cans, one of them is well-shooked...
When everyone has picked their 'luck' cans. The shooker will then ask all to open the soda can... directly at one's face...
while its possible everyone DIDN'T pick the 'bad' can... the loser is the one who is dowsed by his/her own can, the shooken 'bad' can.
The end,
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I noticed there IS such thing as "soda roulette"... if you are confused about my explanation about it... you may refer global rules of it...aka google search...
Im sorry if I didn't make things clear :/ :\ :/.
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I know, right? Now how is going to pay for his taxes? 
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If only he didn't make those bets on his yen notes and go on a losing streak
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yea, shoulda used the money to eat more food. If he encounters a force-feeding yokai, I bet he'll balloon up.
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yay the fat kitsune again
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Feel sorry for his losing streak? 
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yes but hes so cute and fat XD
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I wonder if this yokai inspired that sticky hand toy!
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