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COMIC: A Truly Happy Hallowe'en

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:icongalapagois: :iconsaysplz: ALL GLORY TO CTHUTALOO.

:iconlaberoon: :iconsaysplz: ALL GLORY TO CTHUTALOO.

UPDATE: We fixed Twilight's colour change! And it only took three freakin' months! Hurray for us!

:iconhatbulbproductions: :iconsaysplz: My Little Pony is copyright of Hasbro and DHX and everyone else, please don't sue us. Please don't use this for any nefarious deeds, and link back here if you repost it some-ALL GLORY TO CTHUTALOO.

(P.S.: Attention, plushie makers. Please make Cthutaloo a reality. That is all.)

COSTUMES (In order of appearance):
>Mummy Redheart
>Princess Derpy
>Zombie Noi
>The Flower Musketeers
>Doctor FrankenSwirl
>Mac Skellington
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Awww!!! My changling form gets to scared around ponies to hug, she’ll still just suck the love out of there hearts
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LW9510Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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soo sweet Meow :3 Clap 
twilight sparkle (smile) plz 
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LordStalinV2Hobbyist Writer
DownfallHitler11: Really Chrysalis? Really?
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The way like Twilight show a better path to Chrysalis was really great!   Asuna Cute Gesture Icon   A Happy Halloween for everypony!  :squee:
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8desu8Student Artist
cute! i ship it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ship It EqG Fluffle Puff { * gasp *
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nayialovecatHobbyist General Artist
Good question :3
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PixelBlujayStudent Artist
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Changelings Do Not Work That Way! CURSE YOU! 
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No quite, but better.:D (Big Grin) 
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RainbowDashieMLPFanStudent Digital Artist
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PinkamenaNightmaresHobbyist Digital Artist
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Wrong. Changelings feed of literal love magic. This wouldn't work.
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whats with the weird twi coloring?
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HatBulbProductionsHobbyist Digital Artist
Because she's Pinklestia.www.mlponies.com/wordpress/wp-…
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The reason very simple your a worst ruler then discord a god of chaos and madness at less ponies wheren't starving under his rule
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Cthutaloo says:
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