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We ain't made comics for years!
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We make the silly pony webcomics! Sometimes we make other stuff, too.

Email: hatbulbproductions@gmail.com
EquestriaForever: Galapagois
UKofEquestria: Galapagois (noticing a trend here?)
YouTube: hatbulbproductions

Have any questions? Feel free to ask them!

The entire HatBulb crew (or at least some subsidiary form of it) is constantly available for absolutely anything (shy of open warfare). Feel free to ask us for interviews/convention appearances/our hands in marriage!
!Galapagois (https://www.deviantart.com/galapagois) :iconsaysplz: I'm gonna be splashing a few bits and bobs from the HatBulb Dropbox folder onto here; might as well let people see 'em if we ain't gonna do owt with 'em. This doesn't mean we'll be back to making comics though (AS MUCH AS I WOULD RUDDY LOVE THAT). People are still super busy and stuff. Soz!
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How many forks do I have to eat before the 'Productions' part of this group's name actually becomes relevant again?

83 votes
3 a day for the next 5 months.
Face it, Galapagois, your group is dead and you have failed. Your pitiful attempts to continue to amuse the audience through naught more than comical polls is foolish, misguided, and not effective in the least. You might as well just give up and leave.
Lol sporks wud b funnier #cutlery
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Which of the following statements is the most objectionable?

100 votes
It's always in the last place you look!
I'm not racist, but...
Who's up for a game of Monopoly?
Your comics do not amuse me in the slightest.
I'm so random!
I don't like Mondays.
I told you so!
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happy birthday gal

Excuse me for asking but I don't know if sending a note really works so I'm gonna ask it in the comments. I really need an answer, sorry. What would you say when I ask you if I could upload a translated version of your comic: "A Truly Happy Hallowe'en" in german. I finished the translation, but I need your answer to do it or not. I hope for an answer soon. Thanks
What do you think about hunting?
Can't say I've ever thought about it much. I guess as long as it's not being done to cause undue harm to a creature (i.e clean kills and whatnot), and it's not being done to any kind of species at risk, then it's fine? I mean, it's not precisely as if nature itself has those kind of boundaries. Then again, the natural world doesn't tend to have much access to rifles.
Has there really not been any comments here since November? Jeez.
Uploading bugger all for like, six months will do that to you.
Yeah, but even then you'd think some people would shoot a comment or two just for the heck of it.