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For her, heat is a natural enemy
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I guess that’s one way to stay cool
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That Is So HoT
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of course there would be a pun about it
I love your animations, but I have to ask one question. Why do you not let people download stuff? So far, every other picture or animation I have watched has always had the download button on it. But your stuff is the first time I couldn't have the option to download it, so I was wondering why that is.
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Hope she's doing this over the stock tank.
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I have that enemy too. I sympathize.
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She can wash my car anytime. :D 
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if you pause in the correct moment, the titties will be fully displayed
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There's a single frame in that animation that is not censored. Just thought you should know. ^^
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and also without lighting, which makes the animation blink
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Well, the lighting IS the censoring. :P
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ay, when ya gotta cool off ya gotta cool off :v
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heat is always the natural enemy
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Better then watering the plants
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This one is especially well animated!
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Super , they are official characters of an animated or OC?
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they're his OC
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Hot. In more ways than one. :D 
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