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Shimomo Kabedon.gif-Counter-

The Brave man
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Well, you’re dead
GatzTdaMax's avatar
When you know you're going to die anyways, so 'to hell with it.' ;p
macmanussite's avatar
boy you're going to hell for touching that bull girl's boobies!
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Wolfdrums19's avatar
I'm not sure I'd do that to a woman who could throw me across the room like a football while her hand is gripping my head...
qwertyuiop917's avatar
MygoodGovernor's avatar
Plot twist, she ends up hooking up with the guy.  
Godzilla-scout's avatar
only fools rush in
BikoWolf1's avatar
GhostOfTheEmptyGrave's avatar
If he's going out, at least he goes out happy.
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SquareofOne's avatar
Well if he was gonna die anyway, he might as well get a feel in.
Dragonkingmark's avatar
someone is gonna end up dead
Watchering's avatar
I would've gone for that arm. Woof, those muscles. Lord have mercy.
That man is a true hero.
johnhoward777's avatar
Gotta admit, she makes a cute tsundere
Is she processing the situation ?
Tenebrisdawriter's avatar
Probably deciding how she will kill this dude. Lol
Im sure thats it
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