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Voice annoccer from Metal Slug ( arcade game series) " Lazer beam."

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She is much more entertaining than a "Bug Zapper" in a horse barn on a warm summer day.

"Sayōnara sucker!"
Darknessizaya1's avatar
Dangerous... but cute
Boltz0226's avatar
Wish I had that power when there are mosquitoes in my bedroom, keeping me up at night. 😒🦟
saralexxia's avatar
She got any other powers?
Scary, yet adorable
JustJohn11's avatar
So what about the hole she just blasted in the roof?
Xquid's avatar
I imagine someone in the upstairs bathroom standing there with their towel cut in two.
g8ut's avatar
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who will know starts playing
Radicaun's avatar
That's exactly how I spay and neuter doggies. :iconsays2plz: :iconlasercatplz:  :iconomg2plz:
TheRollingWrath888's avatar
Oh how I wish I had that power for when I have bugs in the house.
Senaneone's avatar
She am become death, destroyer of worlds.
SwerveStar's avatar
That would be incredibly useful for when bugs get in during my job. o.o
Anti-Cellman's avatar
Yikes. :o I wouldn't call that lucky. Just cute & sharp-eyed enough to pulverize anything if you mess with this milky cat. o3o
Imperialspartan's avatar
Good kitty kill those flys
derpydoor75's avatar
"I am not going to favorite something just because the main character is a cat girl with huge tits and nothing will change tha--"
SquareofOne's avatar
Didn't know this adorable kitty could do that. Kinda scary.
otakon2006's avatar
This cat has to many Quirks.
fuzzd22's avatar
OH it is so cute.
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