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KK Scolding.gif-Counter-

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Stop it, leave that poor girl alone
Redefine777's avatar

Can we have a heartbeat animation with her? Her heart pounding out her chest from fear possibly? That would be cool!

MrJamesBlack001's avatar
i would do it too!Love Love Love 
Jandersonjr's avatar
This is clearly Sexual Harassment. :D 
DramaticDuelist05's avatar
He did nothing wrong; his hand moved on its own!
google22222's avatar

hey man, keep your hands to yourself!

GhostOfTheEmptyGrave's avatar
Someone is now under arrest.
MonsterMan25's avatar
"forgive me ma'am, this helps me feel safer"
TheLivingGlitch's avatar
I can hear the raid already.
reymondrasupremo's avatar
who will be the next to be groped XD
someone is going to jail early or even to grave
Tamboribora's avatar
Tssss! awesome work bro! 
thunder1604's avatar
Oh I'm so sorry. What was that you're saying, officer?
134wiktory's avatar
qwertyuiop917's avatar
The brother of the guy who groped Shimomo? lol
Kaiser-Kiryu's avatar
oh GOSH he's bold :Oc
Blackace70's avatar
Hey, if we're going to jail. May as well make the most of it before I go. XD 
TheDansingPIG's avatar
So true! you are my hero
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