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Akitla ID by HatakeNobara Akitla ID :iconhatakenobara:HatakeNobara 0 3 Eleven by HatakeNobara Eleven :iconhatakenobara:HatakeNobara 2 8 Caged Revisited by HatakeNobara Caged Revisited :iconhatakenobara:HatakeNobara 1 0 London Calling by HatakeNobara London Calling :iconhatakenobara:HatakeNobara 2 2 Portrait of Innovation by HatakeNobara Portrait of Innovation :iconhatakenobara:HatakeNobara 7 0 Protective by HatakeNobara Protective :iconhatakenobara:HatakeNobara 4 0 Immortal Duality by HatakeNobara Immortal Duality :iconhatakenobara:HatakeNobara 5 5
Implications of a Memory
I found you
in much the same way
mountain meadows find the rain.
I found myself
catching my breath
and wondering what happened,
and finding that I couldn't explain
the feathersoft euphoria
of something as subtle
as a caress.
For a long time,
neither of us had words.
desperately chasing
a feeling I'd only ever known as transient.
With every blessing I found myself counting,
I took a painful breath with reckless fear,
knowing that I could keep them locked up
no more than I could gather starlight
or harvest moments of whispered confidence
to be released in the crushing darkness
of a night illuminated by the soulless
of a street lamp.
I found myself
last night, back arched against the cold
in a bed too big for one person,
knowing it had to be that way.
Without conscious thought,
my lips formed the silent words
that I recognised (for what it was worth)
as a plea,
a prayer
directed beyond the confines of my empty room.
And in my seething mind, I found you,
and as I
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Archive 2 by HatakeNobara Archive 2 :iconhatakenobara:HatakeNobara 0 8 Archive by HatakeNobara Archive :iconhatakenobara:HatakeNobara 3 5
In Confidence
If the trees could talk
the wind would persuade them to whisper,
and they'd remind the silent woods
of the girl that walked amidst them
in the shadows of their spreading arms,
a fraying notebook clasped
close, against her chest.
If the river could translate
into human comprehension
its steady conversation,
it would sing of the tears shed,
each of them a melody
as they chimed against the rippling glass surface.
When they say that no blood can be coaxed
from a stone,
they forget that the stones of this forest
bore hers,
the pigment that coloured her cheeks
and glimmered in her eyes.
Each bent reed
recalled tentative footsteps
bending towards the clearing where,
surrounded by the incomprehensible life,
she began to make sense of her own,
pale hands carving inked pathways
on the carefully ruled, blindingly empty pages
of the book she carried with her.
But the reeds have long since straightened,
and the stones bear her confidences without utterance.
The language of the river is f
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The Edge by HatakeNobara The Edge :iconhatakenobara:HatakeNobara 1 0 Vantage Point by HatakeNobara Vantage Point :iconhatakenobara:HatakeNobara 3 0
Musings in a Supermarket
Of all the things to think about tonight,
I'm focused on the houseplant.
Fording my way
through the throngs of middle class families
picking meals for families back home,
I am alone,
and find myself facing a tiny
potted heather,
"Reduced to Clear"
glowing over it in angry, yellow typeface.
It puts on a brave face.
I examine it for a moment,
finding it endearing
despite the fact that I can tell
it has something to hide.
Don't we all.
Upon closer examination,
I notice that it wears a mask,
a blue facade.
Spray paint hiding the fragile truth.
My inquiries as to the reason yielded simply that
"It makes it prettier."
Walking through the parking lot,
helpless shrub cradled in my arms,
I can't help but consider the stark similarities
between the heather
and me.
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Attach by HatakeNobara Attach :iconhatakenobara:HatakeNobara 6 7
The Fisherman
There are always the gulls at this time of night,
and without them, the scene
would somehow have lost a layer of its depth,
for they are a part of a canvas.
Wing rustling,
water passing over wooden, sea worn supports,
and somewhere, beyond the boundaries
the jetty has delineated for me,
I can hear music pounding
from the place I had told inquiring minds
I was going.
Not yet.
And somehow, against the backdrop,
he seemed perfectly natural
to be carving his way
across the planks, as it seemed, he was accustomed to doing.
with a discoloured bucket in one hand,
and a fishing pole grasped in the other.
His pace was mesmerising,
my mind
created a world for him in a moment,
populating with pasts and emotions,
colouring it with my own
And as quickly as I had fabricated a world
he turned around, tore it down,
and for a fleeting instant,
the ocean ceased its chanting, the gulls
spoke in whispers,
the canvas went blank,
and in the foreground,
my eyes met those
:iconhatakenobara:HatakeNobara 2 2


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“Joel, I'm not a concept. I want you to just keep that in your head. Too many guys think I'm a concept or I complete them or I'm going to make them alive, but I'm just a fucked-up girl who is looking for my own peace of mind. Don't assign me yours.” ~Clementine, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"

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Hey guys, I have a big favour to ask!

For anyone who hasn't already done so, can you please, pretty please go have a look at AkitlaWolf? I just posted my first deviation on there, which is coincidentally my first big piece on my tablet, and I could reeeeeally use some views! I'll love you forever! :heart:

Thanks everyone, I appreciate it!


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