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finally finished o/ all the characters in Fire Emblem Awakening that can marry someone other than the avatar (so basically...the mains, I guess?)

now i gotta finish buttons and that last commission and then...commission samples for fanime. ugh, traditional aslkfjsldkhg

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LavleyArt's avatar
This gives me such nostalgia, seriously.
Phoebix09's avatar
I've finally found the creator of this marvelous piece ;w; your group drawings are simply amazing!
Orbit135's avatar
I just noticed that while Lucina is scolding Morgan for using Falchion to cut apples... Stahl is right next to her cutting onions with Falchion!
Zeldasevensage's avatar
Just love this every time I see it.  <3
Wait0wat's avatar
It’s things like this that make this cold, dead heart of mine beat once more.
RevengeofKirby9612's avatar
i've jerked off to this, so many times now

I don't know if I'll find real love
But where is Kellam?
Zeretg's avatar
I just want to say... Fredrick, no, you are not allowed to do that, you already did it once you are NOT doing it with wood too.
Soleyl6's avatar
Is it just me or Stahl is using Falchion to cut food ? 😆
Kidforlife's avatar
AHAHAHA I never noticed that but now I can't unsee it ROFL
Soleyl6's avatar
What has been seen cannot be unseen. 👀
Kidforlife's avatar
this...Theres just sooo much great in this.
SansFangirl4life's avatar
lol Tharja with Robin there makes my day. This whole scene is just grand :3
Zeretg's avatar
It is very nice, and I too enjoy it, it is much sweeter with its scene and feel, but I personally like one picture that was the whole cast that is completely 'You only live once', these are really cool.
Brlim's avatar
That is so cool. The amount of effort this took is incredible.
The only thing I don't like is that I was Male Robin and S Ranked Lissa, nice job
ChaiLatteProductions's avatar
Ahaha~ This is great! It's so lively. I really love how lost Olivia looks and how Kellam is just in the background that you'll miss him if you're not paying attention. Owain too, bless his soul. Everyone is so in character. This is what totally happens in the barracks.
Hinata-Wolf77's avatar
This is amazing what program and tablet did u use?
hasuyawn's avatar
thank you! i used paint tool sai with a small wacom intuos tablet!
pengie9290's avatar
I'm sorry... Is it just me, or is Kjelle's soup/stew glowing radioactive green?
hasuyawn's avatar
ahahaha..yes...well... her and her mother are not exactly The Best of Cooks... : ) ..
pengie9290's avatar
That's not what I'm questioning. What I'm questioning is how it's humanly possible to be so bad at cooking that you accidentally turn something in your "stew" into a radioactive isotope.

...And with that in mind, I'm also questioning why the hell Miriel and/or Laurent aren't there trying to take notes.
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