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welp we now know what your next fire emblem art is going to be like: Fire emblem Shadows of Valentia, and thankfully for you you won't have to do as many characters as you did with FE:Fates  approximately 30 in Valentia. If you do create an artwork just like Peace and Truce. my suggestion for this one would be to call it Unity.

Just an Idea
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Was poking around to see if you'd done any Yuri on Ice stuff yet because out of all the artists in the world I'd be slammed if you hadn't gotten anything made 8D

And I was not disappointed 8D

Now to see if my YOI-obsessed sister would appreciate a Yuri mood print 8D
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hasuyawnHobbyist Digital Artist
LOLOL thank you!!! 
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Could I ask how you make all your buttons?

I want to start drawing and making buttons but haven't found any good resources ;v; So I figured I'd ask the button making master!

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hasuyawnHobbyist Digital Artist

i bought a machine from buttonmakers.net (quite expensive, so unless you're sure you'll make back the investment... it might not be a good idea. There are services online that will make buttons for you if you send them the image file, but be careful buying a cheaper machine than the Tecre brand. I heard some of the cheaper button machines are so unreliable and frustrating that it doesn't make the cheapness worth it at all--you waste so many parts trying to make a single useable button.

anyway, I believe they have .psd templates on that site for use for the images as well (it shows where the "safe" zones are, and where the edge of the button would be so you can write text along the border). I don't know if that is where I got the specific template I'm using, but I've been using the same template for like 3 years now LOL

after you draw the image according to the template, you print it out on paper; 24-32lb paper is ideal. If the paper is too thick or too thin, the pressing of the button might screw up. Then you cut out the circle (either by hand-- I used scissors for maybe 2 years..., or you can find a cheap button punch at...buttonboy ? on etsy, i think. I got one there and oh my god so much faster HAHAAH. i was too cheap to buy the super nice Tecre punch, so...), stick the circle in the button machine according to the directions and voila! you have a button :'D

and asdGslgkh thank you!!! it's so nice meeting other noblesse fans, it feels like such a niche fandom 
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Ahhhh thanks so much for the thorough response!!! One of my friend's cousins, from what his dad told me, makes all of her buttons by hand without a button making machine, so I was wondering how you made all of yours to poke around and see, because all of your buttons look suuuuuper nice. 

I don't think I'm ready to make such an investment yet, I've just been doing research, and I definitely need to finish school first before I can even think about having time for other things ;w; But it's kind of my dream to be able to be indie/freelance and I'd really like to have a booth at a place like Animazement or some other comic con someday ;w;

I found Noblesse through a mobile game forum of all places, a user had it as her avatar and her username was Rai's full name XD Curious, I discovered Noblesse and...well... 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D

Anyways, thanks again for the info :D
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hasuyawnHobbyist Digital Artist
dear lord, i have no idea how you would do that without...i mean..i guess if i wanted to jam button parts through some pliers all day.. @_@;; sounds hardcore, haha

yeah it's quite an investment ;v; i started out tabling at conventions by sharing with my friend, who already had experience tabling, and had her own button machine (she let me borrow hers because we were sharing the table), so I was able to test the waters w/ her machine first. I only got my own button machine after the two of us had too much stuff to share tables anymore LOL

good luck though! it's both a mix of fun and stress..and exhaustion... and stress...but fun too :') especially if you're able to suffer together with friends :D

ooo, nice! i think...i think my friend recommended it to me? so i read it..and i've been following it since ;v;''

no problem! if you have any other questions, just lemme kno :>