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Misogyny by hastsmak Misogyny :iconhastsmak:hastsmak 0 0
Au Revoir
Au revoir
Whenever I say goodbye I always seem to see them again
Its when I don't that they go forever
Bean in that meat grinder
I say never again
Now i've seen
but its getting fainter
I hope im still here to see it
So many things I could put here
but this is the thousanth time
they telling me it doesnt matter
just to throw it out there
because the timing is right
on time
I've lost hope
until my eggs drop
Then im drowning in it
my fingertips right on it
even though its not there
Now. We all have our limits
and that is scary,
I never took the bait
found out i was just like him
so he left me
i only hound
until you shout at me
Oh dear
I thought this was forever
but the things that are forever
the things that are forever
Omar, help me
I cant put this into words
So I just gota press on with no feelings
The only one who could make me bleed,
bleeds onto me
Am I on my own
Gold balls
I understand
why do I understand
Did I pick you
or did you pick me
Take me to a
:iconhastsmak:hastsmak 0 0
All the same
With demon souls
Look look look
they say bleed
because I wont ever let you in
for making me hate you
its nice to feel numb
fires that you started
have burnt everything inside right out
cleansed me into nothing
All angels look the same
dark dark hair
hurting souls
See, I can feel your red liquid, boiling
everyone else just sees
your earthy rock
You, made me, turn me into the devil
'Who was I good for'
I still think I am justified
But they scream that Im a truely awful being
:iconhastsmak:hastsmak 0 0
Avril 14th
I miss ignorance
Summers days of serenity
Dreaming of how neat and tidy the future would be
When I became fully grown
Eighteen, twenty one, twenty three?
I see where this is heading
Life has always just begun and is always beginning
Until it's ending
Oh Fool, what are you running to
Nothing will hold you
Like your being held now
You'll beg
Just five minutes longer
But shes already gone
Ran down that dirt track
Screaming silently IM MORE THAN THIS
They heard you
So signed you up for this
Now that your out in the cold
You thought you had no armor
Until they took your gold
illusions built on illusions built on illusions
:iconhastsmak:hastsmak 0 0
Drinking from the mouth
I said 'Why are you bleeding from your mouth'
He just smiles
and invites me to taste
and then I started to bleed too'
:iconhastsmak:hastsmak 0 0
Hector by hastsmak Hector :iconhastsmak:hastsmak 2 0 Sobi by hastsmak Sobi :iconhastsmak:hastsmak 0 2
I'm in love with my killer
I'm going,
I said ' Get me there'
They said ' We thought you'd never ask'
They tortured me out of love
I slept with death
I learned that fear only wants to be loved
I'm in love with my killer
I never fell for his innocence in the summer
Just his brotherly charm,
& the gold in his soul behind those eyes.
He cuts me up, without touch or words;
Am I afraid? I no longer want to hurt,
I swam, I ran, but it wont work when he loves me in my dreams,
I'm not strong enough to fight the dream.
He says he doesn't remember me but I've got a portal into his subtlety,
Your coughing blood just like me, put my mouth on your mouth and we'll drink eternally.
There is no part that I don't love of you,
Even when your killing me I still only see good in you.
To many have fallen
To many have fallen
When the clock chimes 8 I'm all over it
Stars will be falling
Alarms will be calling
Dressed in gold we are flying
Part of the parade but not the sacrifice,
coz victims don't hunt in the night.
:iconhastsmak:hastsmak 0 2
Desert Dream
She wore black and danced in every desert dream
Colours pored from her arms as they became rainbow cobras
She changed to Gold and danced in every desert dream
Keep calling
Bring them back
Light the fire
Loamy faces
Toss the head
Our canoe
A private dance for the river and for you
Its overly blurry, my amnesia
This fever,
is fading?
Am I still dreaming?
Remember, when our eyes would change
When the world died overnight
We ran riot through the castles
They hunted us
And we laughed at rabid rabbits hunting the lions
His pale pale body
Changing from bronze to white
I had to carry you
Onto the table
A bloody river
A bloody river
When we are part of the same sun
Tears cannot portray, grief is just a word.
I feel it flowing through me, every single day
My feet drenched in your red
Then my foot bled in my own red
The power remains
Through death
We were born again
And here we are
Once again
Seven suns
Come to pass
You called
I called
I call
And you came back
Filled my heart
Smothered the black
:iconhastsmak:hastsmak 0 2
Sentimental by hastsmak
Mature content
Sentimental :iconhastsmak:hastsmak 0 10
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unTiTled by johndeckardphoto
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I'm making a youtube video and will be a continual thing.
I was looking at automated voices because I dislike my own voice for the type of thing i'll be going for. Theyre illegal for commerical use though without paying and im broke.

I remember coming here years ago and submitting some voice covers to do free work and had others submit it me because we/they just wanted to do it for experience and fun. I do not feel comfortable doing this and now im older pretty sure its maybe illegal to have someone working for free when you potentially will earn from it.

Obviously though, not many people make much money from youtube video and/or it may take a while to earn anything. I worked out in how much effort it would take me to do the voice myself and how difficult i would find it compared to the rest of the video to cut the person 15% of whatever the video makes.  I have a few questions.

1. Is this legal? I'm in the UK however would be hiring anyone for it who had the best voice clearest/confident etc in my opinion

2. Is 15% an okay cut? why or why not?  do you have experience with this and is that influencing your answer or just a personal opinion not based on law/business ethics etc ?

I haven't been here for a few years, just came to possibly find voice people... but im snooping around the forums, i noticed i had some music i made years ago linked in my signature... im curious...what do you think, does i hurt your ears? do you feel like you wasted part of you life? or does i fill you with so much glee that you have to run naked through the woods rubbing dirt across your sweaty sunlit face?
Screw you all
but thankyou for the lessons & reflections
But you undo kindness of a lifetime by doing one evil deed
but you dont get it, you just dont get it
we are too different

now I erase everything
so you wont find me
fed up of guarding the door everynight
conjuring violence up just incase I need it
My fairy is sick
I know who I am
And this is not it
So goodbye
Lick the black soot from the pavements
I will run through meadows
And come back for them

I need a break from this war
I dont know if this is me out forever
or until...…
  • Listening to: Cosmo sheldrake
  • Reading: no im not reading
  • Watching: no im not watching
  • Playing: no im not playing
  • Eating: nooooodles & veg & cashew
  • Drinking: valerian tea


hastsmak's Profile Picture
Artist | Varied
I am a human, not sure about the percentage though. I have the mannerisms of a prey animal. I have spent at least 2 years of my life living almost as a hermit. I'm into clashes and opposites and extremities, my head gets annoyed with the inbetweens, I feel like my mind falls apart with no clear boundary lines. I have my fingers in too many uncooked pies. Art and music are merged to me, my drawings and photography are usually part of my music and vise versa, I would love people to listen to my music whilst looking at my art work.
I have my toes in many pies.
The end


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i forgot why i messseged you, but uhhh, someone i know needs a lil help, if you could help them that wud be good, someone on here
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a very belated greeting to your warm hello! I haven't been on here that is all! :)
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