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The Interlocking
The magnificent Queen and the smaller male Ichara Sphex are engaged in a phase of their mating ritual known as The Interlocking. During this phase, a fusion occurs between the pair's psychofilaments. The Queen seizes control over the male's brain and all motor function. During The Interlocking she will survey the male's mind and carefully analyze his psyonic amplitude and abilities. If the male is found to be weak-minded, she will send a shockwave of psyonic energy through his psychofilaments that will re-write the circuitry of his brain. The male will become a a mindless drone and he will spend the rest of his life in her servitude. The Queen cannot risk passing on weak supersensorial powers to her spawn.

If, on the other hand, she deems the male to be worthy he will be permitted to synthesize with her. This process will completely drain the male of his psyanofluids which will cripple his psyonic abilities. Depleted, the male will die. The parasitoid Queen will implant thousands of fertilized spores in his carcass. Several of her prior suitors, now drones, will transport the carcass to the lowest recesses of the hive and will guard over the body. After a few days the spores will hatch into larvae and will begin eating the male from the inside out. Additional drones will care for the larvae until they grow into adult sphex and can join the colony.
The Vemudalean Desert Opera House
Commissioned by the Emperor Zenosyn and built in 4237, the Opera House is a lasting symbol of the profound artistic and technological achievements of the Vemudaleans. For over 400 years "The Vem" played host to the greatest acts in the Kenopsia Galaxy. Most popular were the Wraith Castrati of Exclia and the long running drama Orosyn's Fall which ends with the heroic Zenosyn slaying the evil Emperor Orosyn on the battlefield and thus ending the 1st Kenopsian Galactic Civil War in 4137.

Sadly, in 4663 came the 2nd Kenopsian Galactic Civil War, the fall of the Zenosyn empire and the total annihilation of the Vemudaleans. The Vem now stands derelict, an afterimage of it's former glory. The surrounding desert, ablaze 10,000 years from the thermostellar bomb dropped during the 2nd war, adds to the forlorn atmosphere of this once bustling and now vacant venue.
the biofilaments greet the morning
The early biofilament gets the best pickins in the primordial soup



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