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Eve - Gresha Schuilling

This is an album art i'm working on for a friend who's releasing her first album.

The Album's name is EVE. (as in Eve from Adam and Eve) there are 11 songs and most of them is in Sinhala. a few i guess are in English.

in this project i handled the Art Direction completely. Apart from that the design was done by me as well.
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she holding an apple for what..?
did u capture the photo...?
why we are designers logo is here...?
where is the EVE LOGO...?
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lol.. you have too many questions! hehe!

she's holding an apple coz she's eve.. as in she's offering the apple, like she did to adam.

and nope i didnt capture the photo my self, but the idea of the composition/angle etc was mine. (basically i art directed it)

the we are designers logo is in here coz i'm in WeAreDesigners and it my company logo there.

the eve logo is in the top right if you can see it.

peace bro!
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well this is nice...picture is great.. :P but i think album name ("Eve") should highlight more... try using different color..what do u think??
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lol yeah true.. my first version had EVE more prominent. but i liked it more when it was subtle. the woman itself potrayed eve, and didnte want the typography to ruin it.