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DJ P0n3 Vinyl Scratch 3D Turntable animation

Done and done.

Check it out here:[link]

This is the final version of the model I'll be using for 3D printing.
As soon as the prototype arrives and everything's all right I'm going to make it available on Shapeways.

Let me know which pony you want to see next in 3d!
Here: [link]

In related News:
Find the Flash collab between me and :iconkyrospawn: here:
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Where can I download the digital model of her?

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What program do you use?
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Can you 3d print a shift knob of her head?

Or a .stl link?
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this is pretty gud.
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This is my favorite of your 3D models ^_^
I hope to see your work back in the 3D printing community again.…
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Nice job! 
I'm also planning to print my Applejack this week 
I realize I need to mend the nose a bit more when seeing yours hehe 
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I love this, so I bought one..........the day before Hasbro decided to call a copyright infringement..........

Amazing work though.

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Welcome. Its sweet.  Just wish I would get it. lol


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Really well done. I bought this one and Tavi on Shapeways, and they look awesome on my piano :3
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:iconfshyitsbeautifulplz: This suddenly gave me a flashback to when I just became brony…
My first visit to Equestria Daily linked me to your turntable video, and that's how I discovered brony musicians!
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Which program do you use, if you don't mind me asking...
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I use 3ds Max 12 :)
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Can these be used by other people?
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Beautiful! I love her expression. A lot of 3D models struggle not to look creepy - this one looks warm, natural, and friendly.
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Thank you, I'm glad you like it! :)
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I really want to see your meshes O__o. I'm so bad at 3D since i haven't done it in like 3 years :(
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This looks phenomenally useful.
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this looks great. BTW would it be hard for a noob to model something in shapeway? Most modeling ex i've got was a kadkey light on a windows 98 Dos program in high school. I'm wanting to make a mech anthro helmet with wiggle ears.
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Well, you'd have to learn a current 3d application like 3ds Max, Maya or Blender and then you would need to create a 3d model with an exterior and an interior that can be worn as a helmet and have it 3d printed at Shapeways and sent to you.

Creating a helmet that you can actually wear does sound pretty difficult.
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