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Hey guys it's me again

Ezio 1-3 and I had an agreement so I convinced him to draw TMNT 2012 OCs and the first one is Sala-Raptor and Sharktooth.

  • Jason Verill/Sala-Raptor a mutant Salamander who is an arsonist who works for Shredder
  • Lou Drumm/Sharktooth a mutant Tiger Shark who is a shark hunter who works for Shredder.

They were hired by Shredder to collect the mutagen canisters for his extendable army. However they were stopped by Ninja Turtles who were fighting Kraang. While they're trying to escape they're hit by mutagen for Jack as he touched a fire belly newt he was turned into a humanoid salamander who has a slippery body a long tail and wields a flamethrower as a weapon and for Lou as he was bitten by a tiger shark he was turned into a humanoid shark with sharp powerful teeth can swim underwater and slice things with his fin and machetes.


  • Solomon was one of Collin's classmates who got interested with William Shakespeare and Italian Opera because his family came from Italy. He learns acting in his drama school and always played Romeo in his play. One night while he went to the Opera he was captured by Kraang and was turned into a strong and powerful mutant lion who has sharp claws and teeth has the ability to shoot quills from his mane and can emit sonic roars. He was later discovered that Dr. Vermitech was hired by Shredder to turn these people into supermutant army and befriended Flame-Jaw Sgt Bananas Iron-Beak and Panda Khan and later teamed up with Ninja Turtles to defeat the Kraang. He became a leader of his four prisoners thanks to Leo. He wields an energy sword and a powerfully unbreakable shield as a weapon. He was nicknamed King Lionheart by Michealangelo due to a lion who has a brave heart.

  • Flame-Jaw was a normal jumping black ant until he was doused by the mutagen turning him into an anthropomorphic state with mandibles wall crawling speed can shoot powerful heat rays from his eyes and can shoot fireballs from his mouth. After joining L.O.M. he wields a fire axe as a weapon.
  • Iron-Beak was a normal canary bird who was flying until he got hit by a canister of mutagen turning him into an anthropomorphic state with iron beak can throw feather darts sharp talons and increasing his intelligence.
  • Panda Khan was one of Centiback's good friends named Shawn who can eat anything just like Po from Kung Fu Panda and Owen from Total Drama. He was captured by Kraang and mutated into a large burly panda with sharp claws and teeth immense strength and was very good at martial arts. He wields a large sledgehammer as a weapon.
  • Sgt Bananas was once a proud and battle hardened drill sergeant named Warren Mahoney who leads his troops into battle and is the cook that makes Chili Con Carne with Green Salad and Burgers. He was captured by Kraang and was mutated into a large muscular primate with big hairy fists can ram on his ironclad soldier helmet and wields a bazooka that shoots banana rockets and watermelon bombs as a weapon.

  • Dr. Vermitech/Dr. Mothman a twisted and psychotic mad scientist who was Baxter Stockman's replacement. He was hired by Shredder after he was impressed with his genetic skills mad with power and inventing skills and offered to work for him so he can create a massive army of supermutants. That is until he was confronted by Ninja Turtles and Legion of Mutants who rescued people from being mutated while fighting War Drones. During the battle he was splattered by a super mutagen and as he touched many moth balls he got mutated into a large purple skinned hunchbacked insect who can not only fly with his wings but can generate electrical currents through his wings that allows him to shoot energy bolts from his eyes can spit corrosive saliva from his mouth has sharp claws and teeth that can slice through metal and can shoot goop that hardens like cocoons. He agreed to work for Shredder to dominate the entire world.


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Alexander Hasele
Artist | Student | Digital Art
I love to serve and obey God who is a Creator so im gonna draw Mutanimonsters


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