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Hi to all :wave: ..Introducing my new Fashion Brand Series stuff, presenting GIORGIO ARMANI ;) ..One of the most brilliant fashion designers in the world and to be honest I really like their design wear..I have given the tagline to it Rediscovering Design and wanna portray it wid another different approach..I hope u people would really like it..Comments and suggestions are always welcome..Take carez..God bless ya all..Keep smiling and Stay well:)

SOFTWARE USED: Adobe Photoshop CS3 | Adobe Illustrator CS3
TIME CONSUMED: 8 to 9 days on and off


1. ADIDAS: [link]
2. DIESEL: [link]

All my gallery is copyrighted © HASANSGRAFIX 2008-2009 All rights reserved. All the materials in my deviantART gallery may NOT be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission. My Digital Creations do not belong to the public domain. Plz respect copyrighted materials.

Best Regards,
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I love Armani stuff with iconic and distinctive eagle logo as its hallmark for top quality designer goods Italian powerhouse global brand.

Your fashion series picture is excellent and perfectly representative of the Armani logo/brand with a vibrant hd digital modern approach to boot.

First class!
To me this looks very techno, which instantly attracts me. Plenty of colors, geometry, and energy. It'd make a great magazine cover!
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Ahaan well thanks alot for such a great comment about my work..Am really glad to see it..God bless ya!
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haha, not exactly reminiscent of Mr. Armani's design style or look, but I LOVE the eagle haha. Where did you get that eagle?
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Hi dear friend well yeah its not the type of Armani's design u know different things looks kool huh:)..Well as far as Eagle is concerned I have illustrated it in Adobe Illustrator..Thanks alot for liking it..Take carez
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Looks very Nice. Great job. Cheers!!
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Thank u so much my friend..Am glad u liked my work..All the best:) Take carez
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I know I've already commented on this one, but I just realized: this would make one rockin' phone skin. You should do skins, you'd make a killing.
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Hi friend again..Well yeah its a great idea..Would love to try it out..At the moment busy wid final assignments for my architectural and product related thing in 3D,but definitely work on it hopefully..Thanks a million for appreciating and such a nice suggestion..God bless ya :)
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Thank u so much my friend for admiring that design..Really glad u liked it..So nice of u..All the best:)
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I love it. I could totally see Gisele standing in front of that.
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Hi my friend..Thank u so much for ur encouraging comments and appreciating my work..Are u talking about the model Gisele:D ..Take good care of urself..Have a nice day..Keep smiling:)
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Nice Work Hasan :)
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Hi Ali bhai thank u so much for liking this piece..Really glad to have ur comments..Stay well:)
kameloinspirato's avatar
nice and colourful :)
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Hi thanks alot for liking this work..Really glad to have ur comemnts indeed..Take carez :highfive:
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i love it ! gr8 work man
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Thank u so much my friend for liking it..Much appreciated..All the best!
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Awesome work Hasan :clap:
hasanaliakhtar's avatar
Hi Lori..Loads of thanks for appreciating this work..Really glad u liked the piece..So sweet of u..Howz life going at ur end..Hoping to see u soon on regular basis at deviantart..God bless ya..Keep smiling:) :hug:
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Veeeeery nice.
Really looove the choice of colours.
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