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Hi to all..The Occassion of Eid is coming as Ramadan (the month for fastings) is going to be over..In this particular card I wanna show the joys and happiness one gets in Eid..Have used designing elements to show the real happiness..Actually a competition is held in my art institute recently for designing an Eid card..30 to 35 students participated in it..From which 16 cards got selected and finally the jury members have selected this card for the number one slot:D ..I hope u people will really like it..Take carez..God bless ya all..Keep smiling:)

SOFTWARE USED: Adobe Photoshop CS3

Best Regards,
-= Hasan =-


The company with the name CONNECT COMMUNICATIONS[in Pakistan] has stolen this card few days back to show it on their TV channel Metro1 as well as on their internet network website on that days of Eid in Pakistan..As u all know that the idea, the concept and each and everything has been done by me as its also the property of my Art Institue..As I have investigated and came out wid the contact numbers as well as email numbers of them..Which I will mention their below..I am very disappointed by the fact that after putting a CREATIVE COMMON CC license here on Deviantart..They have shown all those things including their sister company's logo DODEAR..My friend has also telephoned the Technical Director Muhammad Aamir and discussed things wid him as well as the designer who has done this thing..And that designer has accepted and told my friend that he has stolen that card and its not a big deal and he also said that there is no licensed thing mentioned there but it is mentioned there..And this is ridiculous..Now friends tell me how to cope up wid the situation as I wanted to get the ultimate results of it as I dont like to be cheated like that..And am really very concerned about my artworks and things cuz I love them..They should either apologize to me or can give commissioned money..For Pakistani friends if anyone wants to contact them can do it easily by having a conversation wid one of the following persons below: Well looking forward for ur suggestions about it..God bless u all..

Connect Communications

First Floor, Reema Palace
Jinnah Corporation Society, Karachi.

Customer Support:

Muhammad Aamir , Technical Director : +92 321 2429105

Mushtaq Ahmed, Technical Manager: +92 321 2429104
Timing: 6:00am - 10:00pm

Technical Support:

Contact: +92 21 4316550

Website Connect Communications: [link]

For Creative Common Laws Plz Click [link]
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Thanks alot for the feature. Am grateful to you :)
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Hi Hasan,

I was also a participant of this competition. Congrats on ur win. 2 cards were selected as finals (one was mine) but u won the competition. Here is the [link]
I m glad 2 see u here. :XD: :nod: :w00t:
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Thank u so much my friend for admiring my work and congratulating me on winning it..Glad to see u here too..Take good care of urself..All the best..Keep smiling:)
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Insha Alla & all the best 2 u too!!!
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wOW.cOOL i love the ornaments=D
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Ahaan thank u so much for admiring my work and loving the ornamental styling in it..Am really happy to see ur comment wid that much encouragement..Thanks alott.Tkae carez..God bless ya..Cheers:)
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assalamo alekum bro....
i feel very sad to hear abt ur graphics .....

May Allah gv u reward for all ur efforts to create this kinda work....

Its superb design Hasan bhai....
Don't b sad bro...keep it up more please

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Hi Mukkaram..Walikumusalaam..Well yeah it has happened few months back..Thank u so much for this kinda support my friend..Truly appreciate ur feelings and encouragement..God bless ya in every walk of ur life..Take carez..All the best..Keep smiling:) :bow:
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I realy like this one, veryyy beautiful colours.especialy purple connective to the eid. very beautiful design. but i am a little bit evocative to coca cola :D. However .nice job.

ps. I love pakistani people :D.. my best friend is paki ^^
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Hi friend..Thank u so much for such a nice comment indeed..I really thankful to ur input and appreciation..So nice of u :bow: Well really glad to know u love Pakistani people..Am really happy to have u here at my gallery..Wish u all the very best in ur life..Take carez..God bless ya..Cheers:) :heart:
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Nice work... it is really shamet that it was stolen!
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Hi friend..Howz u..Howz life going..Well yeah u r rite I was really shocked to see that on their site as well..Thanks alot for the support and admiring this ecard..So nice of u..Take carez..Keep smiling:)
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Beautiful artwork my is a shame that it was stolen....but that happens very easily on the internet, not just in DA...I have had my artworks stolen many times...right now my brushes and many of my friends brushes are in an Egyptian site...the person claiming they are their I know how you feel...:heart:
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Hi my friend Yeah u have felt it rite about my emotions and we can feel one another's feelings about stolen artworks..Its really bad when u see ur artwork used commercially by third party:( Am so happy u liked my work..So nice of u for ur appreciation and comment..Take carez..All the best..God bless ya..Cheers:)
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this is very beautiful , I like the curves you put in it !
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Hi friend..Thank u so much for such a nice comment dear..So nice of u :bow: Glad u liked the curves in it..All the best..God bless ya..Cheers:) :highfive:
little-sugar-fairy's avatar
you're more than welcome !!
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Loads of thanks for admiring this artwork..Meanz alot to me..So nice of u..All the best..Keep smiling:) :blowkiss:
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Cooool card.! Kheir mubarak!
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Hi :wave: loads of thanks for admiring this card..Am really happy u liked it..And thanks a million for adding it into ur :+fav: ..Much appreciated..Take carez..God bless ya..Cheers:) :rose:
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