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Hi to all..Presenting my new Digital Illustration named as BMW CAR..Wanted to make something related to vehicular designing..So thats why have chosen to work on this BMW car..I wanted to achieve real environmental and its body effects there thats why carefully used gradient mesh points of illustrator..Also want to show technically a third angle there..There are so many mesh points thats why I have felt some difficulties in the process to control them with precision..but have completed it by the grace of God..I hope you people will really like it..Comments and suggestions are always welcome..God bless u all..Keep smiling:)


SOFTWARE USED: Adobe Illustrator CS

Best Regards,
-= Hasan =-
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i hope to see ur other DI designs :)
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Did Picasso join the BMW design team?
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Dont know about that :)
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can i use this image, commercially?
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nice work put into it! =D
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Very very cool. Some real talent with Illustrator there dude.
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Thank u so much for admiring the BMW Illustration..Glad u liked it..God bless ya..
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Grateful for your comment:)
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very cool drawing :)
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Thank u so much my friend:)
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no problem at all :)
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its awesome . we love it ........its a concept car .....
Can i have a key for test drive?
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Hahaha sure why not u can drive it but where is the key lol :D
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excellent work !!
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Thanks alot for appreciating the efforts my friend..Take care
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Its Ugly... Its worse than the god awfull Fiat Multipla... It looks like a Cheap Chinese BMW ripoff toy, designed to scare small children!
Just showed it to my Girlfrend whos a huge BMW fan... yeah.. she hated it too...
Is it the most ugly car Evar? yes.. yes it is! :)
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:) Thanks alot for ur views and comments..Take care
Where do you find the time to reply to every single comment?
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