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I draw it centaur cartoonist. 
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Looks like natural and traditional art to me, water brush. Very beautiful! Plus I love the natural true, vintage centaur!
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Coming from the manga Centaures by Ryo Sumiyoshi for those who would like to read it ! I recommend, even just for the wonderful drawing style of the author U.U
Again, very great job here ! I am deeply in love with your work and notably on half-humans such as centaurs :) Muscles, shadows, furthermore your drawings are really alive !
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Where on Earth can I find this manga? I can't find it for sale or download anywhere.
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In france it is sold in library ! Glénat is editing it and even on the net you find it pretty easily, but in other linguages I really don't know sorry :/ I can search tho if you want, because that's really an amazing piece that is so beautiful and interesting to read it would be a shame :/
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( I just remarked it was in the description, sorry xD )
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Oh wow I didn't remark that you are the author o.o Damn, I am deeply sorry I truly loved your work and can't wait to see what will follow !!! Yours drawings catched directly my eyes and I was caught in your story at the first page ! Thanks for this wonderful work !
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Lovely I love Centaurs
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Love seeing the different body types!!  Such a great job with the poses too!
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Ugh I wish Jimba was available in English <3

Beautiful work!
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There beautiful 💚💚💚💚
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