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Hopeless Soul
   Cast away in a prison in the guise of an asylum. A noble knight silently battled half-remembered thoughts. The descent into madness occurs rapidly when one is dead.
   The knight began to weep at the thought of a family that may have been his, forced to fend for themselves. A grotesque rat nervously scurried across the floor, anxious the dead man would set upon it. The knight looked at it, revulsion showing through his mask of sorrow. his hand wandered up to hang from a ragged hole in the chest plate, over a hole where his heart should have been.
   He was woken by a scraping sound. He knew not how long he slept, it could have been an hour, or a month. One loses track of time in a dark cell. It took his dusty mind a few minutes to recognize the sound coming from the high ceiling. Full realization hit him as a sharp spear of wintry light struck his face.
   The dismal face of a soldier who has seen too much stared down at him. The knight recogn
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Traas Keas
A day indistinguishable to others,
the queen summoned her loyal knight,
she spake these words.
"Dost though have an observance,
of the state of the holiness's affairs?
Which I do mean to say that,
dost thou observe any detriments in thy king?"
Traas looked upon his queen,
confusion and worry crossed his features.
"My lady, my position, such as it is,
is lowly and allows me not to critique mine superiors.
Why, pray tell, dost thou ask this of me?!
If I were to respond, treasonous I would be!"
The queen, who was at all times faultless,
pressed once more with her question.
Traas reacted with inordinate displeasure,
Alas! One must not dismiss the request of their deity.
Traas responded, as if handling a royal treasure.
"His royal highness, the king of kings, the god of gods,
cannot be refuted. though, were one to view his holiness as but a simple ruler,
one would observe a great many detriments."
The queen pondered his words.
If a royal servant could see the corruption seeping from the sea
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Traas Faux
A story to happen in the future,
A time when the human race is aged.
The date is unknown,
Consensus is not present.
Gone is war, not including strife.
Civilization has stagnated
The foreign kings and queens are aged
with the high king most of all.
The royalty appeared long ago
to reassemble a race shattered.
These people were alien to humanity,
though, now the reason for taking control
has been lost by them,
their memories slowly faded.
With a power unnatural,
humans were subdued
by beings immortal.
A great monarchy has evolved
into faux godliness.
The hero of the empire,
which we shall call the "realm" for the use of this story,
was a knight served for twenty generations
who served his queen with utmost devotion and excellence.
His skills were as varied as they were exceptional.
And, whenever he was called upon,
he served with such commitment
that his own mortality had hung in the balance many times.
This was for a reason that he would rather face death himself
rather than the shame o
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My life has been hard, though, most have had it worse. While some may call it luck, I like to think of it as prudence. I survived the end of days. Not, just barely. I actually emerged from the the debris of civilization better off than before.Although I do not wield as much power as in my former life, I am more satisfied with my current position. I work with a decent man. He may not seem so great on the outside; in fact, he is a cold and ruthless bastard that will use any situation, and I mean any, to better his own position.
Overlooking all of that; after you chisel through the tough exterior, you find a deeply sympathetic man that has been forced to distance himself from a miserable reality, or risk losing that special quality. That rare trait that sets him above and beyond the now all-to-common scum that walk the world today.
But, this story did not begin with him, it began with me. Me, the lonely politician that became a governor due to family pressure and lack of any distinct dire
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Once, people teemed over the planet, living their tiny little lives. Billions of people, loving, living, and, at the end of it all, dying Anything that lives has a finite amount of time to be conscious. All things end...including us. We, as a people, have always been struggling. What made us overcome many obstacles was the fact that we felt sympathy for each other. Yes, there were a few anomalies to that theory. But, as a whole, we felt a need to assist others in their struggle. No one can do it alone.
The sad thing is, in the end, that one redeeming quality is what did us in. Staring in the face of extinction, the human race defiantly grit its teeth and gave. Our natural tendency toward the yearning the contact with others of the species ensured that we would never survive such an apocalypse.
Now, only a few stragglers wander the world, searching for that long sought-after comfort. That gentle caress of the woman you love. The firm grip of a caring father. For those few survivors, tha
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I take a deep breath, as did my wasp. A shudder runs down my spine, a shudder also runs down the spine of my wasp. I make ready to leap, as does my wasp.
Connected we are. We are one, his mind, his body, one with me. He moves as I moves. We hunt for the benefit of the hive.
I smirk, the wasp could not. The bond was not perfect, we had different forms. But we are strong, many a foe fell before our blows.
We both have butterflies in our bellies. The leap is one of faith. His flight is unstable for maneuverability. Others often fall to the roiling depths, never to be seen again. Me and my wasp have never fallen. We are older, the chances stack against us.
The springs in my wasp's knees strains and creaks. My muscles tighten, knuckles white on the interface. I leap. Our hearts flutter. His wings hesitate and falter. But, instead of a fall, the yellow pulses leading to the wings brighten. My wasp's wing come to life and save us from an unknown doom.
A whoop of joy escapes my lips as we flit
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Mature content
Ghouls :iconharzlek:Harzlek 0 0
Beginning of 'Defection'
Chief Analyst Martin Holdin entered his modest quarters about mid ship aboard the Magister Tutela holding a quarter ream of Crystael[, ultra-thin paper made from resilient crystal. He closed and locked his door, ensuring his privacy. As he aproached his worktable, the chair autamatically folded out and positioned itself in Martin's favored position. He dropped the stack of paper on the table with a highly audible thump and swung the magnifier over the first page. He was the Chief analyst because of his ability to devour and analyze information like no other. He quickly skimmed through the first hundred pages of the report, then slowing down to ensure clear comprehension of the final pages containing the dictation of the Lazian defector, Malthusian Youseff. It contained his life story as told in his own words and the general events that led up to his ultimate defection from the fanatical Lazan.
I grew up on the country-side many kilometers away from the nearest city, which was quite lar
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Little Green Men
Little green men,
All marching in a row.
Little green men,
You should look out below.
Little green men,
they are very small.
Little green men,
Sometimes they crawl.
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My thoughts were dwelling on ancient history while I ate my breakfast, alone among all the other pilots in the mess hall. I was alone because I did not want to dwell on what was going to happen later. The forty or so pilots part of the gamma group had an important mission briefing later in the morning. I was one of them. We were the most elite group in the fleet, a mixture of relatively new additions, but still veterans, and battle hardened ex-pirates. It was actually originally my idea of mixing the academy trained pilots with the volunteer pirates that felt they had to help with defending against the new threat. Of course, no one else but my father knew that the idea was from me. He wanted to protect me from the potential wrath o my superiors if it did not work out. I allowed him to do this because he rarely ever protected me from my mistakes, which I appreciated.
I had an essential understanding of what the mission was going to be from the many rumors I heard and averaged out to fin
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The Struggle
The struggle of two lives perched on the precipice of a mighty cliff could only happen without words.
This tall, lean man prided himself on his corporeal, and incorporeal, strength. Throughout his life, people confided in him, hoping to draw a bit of his strength as if he were a well.
But, now, his strength was failing him. This woman he barely knew did not deserve to die. No, that is not how he felt. In reality, he felt a profound sense of fear. Fear that this woman's death would be on his hands if she fell.
They met each other on a plane that crashed.They were the only survivors.
"Damn that ice!" he thought. She had slipped, and now the only thing holding her aloft was his mighty grip. But not mighty enough. He feared he would slip and let her fall.
But, he knew deep down that he would not, could not! release his vise-like grip. If she were to fall, then so shall he.
Their eyes locked, and he could see the thin lines of her brown irises ribbed with dark slashes. So beautiful! He thou
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The shinning white towers of the city of Galladus shone on the central plane. It was clean and beautiful. There, peace prevailed. Its twin city located on the opposite side of the central plane was not as wonderful. The twisting, black spires of Yurseer insulted the pristine beauty of Galladus. From its daily military marches through the streets, it is obvious that war was on the fore-front of Yurseer's mind. When it comes to cities of Galladus's sort, they are never as clean as they seem. Secrets and scandalous leaders mar the pristine beauty of Galladus.
Years of war had forged the military prowess of either side to a brutal extreme. A constant stalemate had prevailed for centuries along the Edge. The ten-mile thick central plane that lies in a low-pressure environment provided a superb location for either side to test their prowess on each other. They fought like twin brothers trying to prove who the better man was. Little did they know that neither one would ever win. They would fo
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Mature content
Underground :iconharzlek:Harzlek 0 0
The sudden disappearance of 300+ million people and their consumption would severely cripple the rest of the world. The international economy would disintegrate until it figured out a way to cope without its right foot.
It would stump about, thinking, "Maybe if I That won't work. I, not that either."
Until it figures out some insanely genius solution that also involves procedures for future state disappearances.
Small and large wars will spring up all over the world. Fingers hovering over big red buttons labeled, "You definitely don't want to press this. I mean seriously, if you do, your boss will punch you in the mouth." would slip and launch nukes. Tiny countries will be swallowed by big ones. Israel would be at a stand-off with an angry mob with big sticks looking utterly bad-ass.
Most other regions such as North America and Caribbean islands would be reeling in confusion wondering where all there tourism money went. Families all around the world be be plunged in
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Mature content
Beauty and Ugliness :iconharzlek:Harzlek 0 0
I Remember
I relegate the pain,
which only exists
in the worst of dreams.
I remember...
I remember sound.
Jostling about,
great fun.
But things can change quick,
merriment changes
to fear.
I remember...
I remember wariness.
Check the guests,
one may spoil the fun.
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The Machinist by BlackGodFish The Machinist :iconblackgodfish:BlackGodFish 45 9 Ghost by ValentinaKallias Ghost :iconvalentinakallias:ValentinaKallias 252 0 Morning by JoeyJazz Morning :iconjoeyjazz:JoeyJazz 883 61 Ignis by hypnothalamus Ignis :iconhypnothalamus:hypnothalamus 3,663 150 No More Stones to Throw by BlackGodFish No More Stones to Throw :iconblackgodfish:BlackGodFish 10 4 Lie: Music Video by Mikeinel Lie: Music Video :iconmikeinel:Mikeinel 4,151 353 Majora Defied by WesTalbott Majora Defied :iconwestalbott:WesTalbott 3,270 174
Beautifully Flawed Wild Animals
As a child I was kicked by a horse
While approaching from behind
It knocked me clean across the stable
This fragile framed boy of nine
I tried so hard to be strong and brave
And as Mother wiped my tears away
All I could think was I must return
To the stable the very next day
I barely slept a wink that night
For thinking about the steed
And how the doctor said I‘d be dead
If hoof had hit below my knee
Running my hand over the horseshoe
That was bruised onto my thigh
I felt a very real connection
Between the animal and I
Mother woke me as dawn broke
Asked if I still wanted to go
To visit the scene of the crime
To visit my equus foe
I nodded bravely and forced a smile
And with that we were on our way
I recognised the farmers son
I recognised the bales of hay
And there he was right in front of me
He seemed bigger than before
But there was no fear in my heart
Just a sense of wonder and awe
The farmers son took me by the hand
And as he tended to its mane
He fed the horse a sugar cube
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I shall be a teacher of high school Agriculture!
All shall praise me and do my work! Mwahahahahaha!


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