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Thunderbird 3 (TB-3) Ground Operation Vehicle

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TB-3/Thunderbird 3 is an APC-like mobile command center used to monitor situations on the ground. It can split in half and merge with TB-1 and TB-2 for transportation to remote parts of the world. It is piloted by Captain Grant Hanson, the oldest and most senior-ranking of the Thunderbirds International Rescue Organization Team.

Specification TB-3: 

Crew: Two (Pilot and Mission Assist).

Powerplant: 2 × Hybrid Gas Turbine and Sea Core Ion Drive engines, driving 20 independent All wheel drives system. 
Combined with 
2 x External two way directional Booster, and ventral retro rockets for in-flight drop off and horizontal vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) operation with Thunderbird 2 (TB-2)
Suspension: 20×20 wheeled
Maximum speed: 180 km/h at ground level
Range: Classified
Length: 46 meters
Weight: 68.4 tons

2 × Multi-role Rotating Tactical Laser System Cannon, internally stored, with variable power setting of blaster and beam irradiation.

Auxiliary Crafts/Vehicles:
TB-11 Armored High-speed Ground Vehicle
TB-12 Multi-Function Hydrolic Flat Bed Bulldozer,
TB-15 Manned/Unmanned Reconnaissance and Scout Vehicle,
and TB-16 Unmanned Tunneling Machine.
All stores in compact hangar bay with two Side Bay ramp doors.

Bomb and Missiles:

Linear Magnetic clamps bars for link-up with Thunderbird 2 (TB-2).
2 x front bay door for ramp and Escape Pods launcher.
Retractable All Wheel Drive System for aerial and space operation.
20 x Independent All wheel drives system with 40 x heavy duty all terrain tires.
Laser targeting antenna scopes.
Infra-red heat seeking HD camera for Search and Rescue operation.
Multi Deflector Shields pods.
4 x High Illumination Flood Lamps.
Heavy-duty ramming front bumper.
Heavy duty armored outer hull.
Emergency Float System for watery surfaces operation.
Advanced On-Board Oxygen Generation (OBOGS) system.
Multi function Advanced Data Link (MADL) communication system.
Advanced Mission Computer.
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Brown-Fox-WarriorHobbyist General Artist
After all this aircraft, there is finally a ground vehicle. I love aircraft, but I think this just made history!
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MrWonderWorksHobbyist Writer
Can't Wait For The Linkup Part Next! As Well For The 2086 Versions Of ThunderBirds' 4, 5, 6, & The Rest Haryo!