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Great skills at display here! Pleasant image, even if you put the mild eroticism aside.
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... I fail to see the eroticism
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Might you be asexual? xD
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Demisexual to be more specific. But I also do not equate nudity to sexual activities. It's just another state of being, albeit one of undress.
WrathOfThePrimarch's avatar
Well your own nature doesn't have anything to do with it, only thing that matters is what is present, what the artist drew and "implied".
But I guess art is all about interpretation, some form of solipsism haha...
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I have examined the piece more closely, and I honestly, truly cannot see the sexual aspect.
Not even in the way its presented. It feels more like peaking into a moment where she is relaxing. Caught in a mess that is a mix of casual and formal. The high heels and bra being uncomfortable and restrictive, as shown with the indents the bra left on her skin. Even her pose is more closed and comfortable than appealing.
Her messy nature in the spilled lotion and overturned (Starbucks?) coffee cup. The stains of old coffee. How her items are implied to be scattered around her room that we cannot see. The hair strands left in the scrunchie.
Its is to me, and how its presented, a moment of relaxed intimacy. Rest, being yourself and not being restricted while the phone is the main focus for her.
And we cant truly say whats on the phone, but it looks like she is in deep concentration almost.
Hell the piece is even called Comfort.

But eh, maybe Im a prude and need more overtly sexual poses to catch it and not turn it into a moment of quiet non sexual intimacy.
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It's not a sexual piece at all. However, human form always has potential for eroticism. This image depicts an attractive and healthy young woman lying in state of undress.
It's not a primary part of the image, maybe even not an "active" secondary part but if you ask me it is apparent, mostly due to her legs and bottom as well as how much we see of them.
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I wish I could colour and shade like this 😍
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This is a mood
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Pliop... Slide down notifications...

:o (Eek) You hate when my head
:o (Eek) Hangs low after all...

Gorgeous work:)

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Cute nesting place
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Oh I absolutely ADORE this. Gorgeous art and very relatable content :heart:
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Your attention to detail is what makes the piece: the imprint, hair strands left in the scrunchie, the coffee spilt; amazing work!
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Que lindoooo!! *-* Fez até as marquinhas do sutiã.
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The artwork is beautiful, the bra imprint is relatable. I almost feel it, lol. 
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The bra thing is so accurate
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͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ
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Apart from that-nicely drawn
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The imprint is so real I love it
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Very nice!
I like the detail of the imprint on her skin from the bra. It's something not many would include ^^
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