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Personal project. Screenshot of a game that never happened
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That looks cool, can you share some more info what the game would have been like? Reminds me a bit of For Honor but with pirates and a more diverse range of attack types or am I completely wrong?

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I legit thought this was a screenshot from a game.

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Crazy! The exaggerated perspective makes for a very intense looking scene. Nice work.
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This is SO cool and dynamic! I adore the colours and the mermaid you can just see behind the bad guy! I'd play the hell out of this if it were real.
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Wow, that's amazing! I really love these colors

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That is super cool looking HUD! Would love to play this game if it was real based on this screenshot alone
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Very cool stuff.
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Very nice job :meow:
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thought this was good ol. SEA OF THIEVES for a second too.
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That's the best HUD design I've seen since Titanfall 2 (one of the best IMHO)! I would consider playing this game in a heartbeat bases on this image alone.

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This is fantastic! Love the colours and perspective :) 
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Would this have been a timed fight?
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The whole thing looks very cool and fun to play, but I particularly like the tilted mission objectives for some reason! :)
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This looks pretty cool. Nice job here~
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Dark souls arrrgg eddition
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hoooooly shit bro that perspective
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Cool, like Sid meiers pirates
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Oooh! That is a really nice artwork! O-O Interesting way to do game design, even though it isn't screenshot. Very nice work, I actually mistook it as one till I notice things.
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