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Bolverk Camp ver1

By haryarti
All last year I worked on this game - the Banner Saga 2 
This is some variant of Ravens camp
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Some 3d involved as well ?

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Awesome job.  Love these games.  :D
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Those red trees really level the mood up a notch.
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a beautiful game.. its amazing how much depth they and you have a achieved with so little. I guess this truely shows that "less is more" is true.
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Loving the Eyvind Earle trees!!
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Ah so you're the guy (or one of the guys?) who won the challenge
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woooooooa ! nice!
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This looks really cool!
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Amazing work, this is so unique and fascinating!
The details and the colours are awesome.
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Amazing! I really like the game art and just discovered it's yours!

Could you describe the painting process? It looks so sharp and clean.. I'd be happy to see a tutorial or steps! Thank you :)
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MY eyes...
How... how do I get this... I NEED this on my wall. 
The longer I look at it, the more it captures my very essence...
the balance of cool and warm...
the balance of simplicity and detail...
the striking beauty and the way your eyes are so easily guided across the scene.
My respect for you has reached new heights... Like... I can't even.

I'm being completely serious though. WHERE can I get the print for this? I want it HUGE.
I seriously feel like dedicating an essay to how amazing this piece is. Thank you SO much for making my day. Like, you don't understand how uplifting this is.
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Imma gonna buy it when I get paid!
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I'm loving the incredible amounts of detail! Keep up the great, rigorous work my friend.
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Awesome! this is great nice done dude!
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Splendid work, man.
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