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A scene from the Banner Saga. The moment of betrayal Onef. Alette killed him with the arrow. 
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The horror of killing another human being.

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I admit I spoiled myself on the ending. I didn't think I would ever play it.

Then I did.

Then I came to this point.

And I froze.
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I don't know the story, so at first glance it looked to me as if she was trying to shoot an apple of his head but missed, and now she's all like "I thought my aim was better than that!"  xD
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Fuck that guy.. That was some red wedding shit that scene.
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That traitor got what he deserved!
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The color is astonishing! I like this piece :D
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This caught me so off guard. I reloaded my save like 5 times trying to find a way to talk Onef down. But to no avail. Poor Egil :_(
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yeah..It's a real pity, I trusted him 
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Spoile-e-ers! Rage
But it looks awesome *_*
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Wow! Thanks for sharing!!!Hug 
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оч клево!
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I was going to be an adventurer, but took an arrow to the eye.
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I love how smooth the coloring is.
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This looks good. I really like the emotion you sell here :)
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Wow! Great perspective. I could learn a thing or two or three from you!
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What a scene...literally the scene speaks for itself..that and the title tells just a little of what happened...Great art :thumbsup:
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Sorry i didn't play the game, but i am anxious to know who betrayed whom :D sorry
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this is a really dramatic piece. i love that camera angle too. it heightens the tension here. good stuff.
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