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Battle of the Blackwater

My first fanart for "Song of Ice and Fire" saga. And maybe not last. Keep up? =)
This work was made togever with this girl :iconleksotiger:
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просто супер! Вы один из моих любимых художников
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The original one! I love it!
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This is the best Blackwater art I've ever seen! A+ The fire and the lighting and the mood is perfection!
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Permission to use as my Facebook cover photo? I will post in the comments a link to this work and to credit yourself and *LeKsoTiger. It's absolutely amazing!
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Great! Thanks! I only wish I had the same skill as yourself and your friend :)
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As a modest fan of ASOIAF, I just feel an urging need to THANK YOU for this pic!
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I downloaded this art months ago. Always want to know the artist :D
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The lack of the huge chain in the TV series was quite a disappointment. I like your picture more! ^^
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This is absolutely phenomenal. Well done! :D
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amazing, just how I imagined it while reading the passage!
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The scene in the TV series is very impressive and I loved it. Your painting is very good, beyond fan-art on my opinion !
I would just criticize the lack of humans in the picture. Even if they would appear very small, that would add a lot to the drama if we'd see drowning mariners, calling for help, etc.
The color work is beautiful...
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It's so nice to see you posting so much art at the moment! Your art is some of my favourate so I'm always happy to see it in my inbox :) I'm currently half way through the second series of this and I'm loving it, can't wait to watch the rest!
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>I'm currently half way through the second series
Second seasons you mean?
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Yeah I do, series and seasons are pretty much the same thing :)
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I don't usually like fanart but this is very well executed =) Such an epic series!!
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Молодцы) Круть
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Очень Круто!) Молодец!
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this was so well done that u dint really need to add the caption.
Amazing! I knew immediately what scene this was before I even saw the title. :)
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this is amazing !!! definately keep up with asoiaf art ! love this, looks so professional !
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