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It's Dash Day over at Equestria Daily, and so it's time to get our party on in celebration of Rainbow Danger Professionalism Dash!  

This pony is such an entertaining mix of rough edges and heroic instincts.  In many ways she's near insufferable with her inflated ego, coarse attitude, and oblivious nature, but I find all of that just makes her more lovable when tempered with her fierce loyalty, buried insecurities and headstrong bravery.  It's a fun, classic mix in a character and Dash carries those traits better than most.  Of course, having such obvious flaws to her personality sometimes creates a stumbling block, and when the writers aren't careful her episodes can sometimes ring with the wrong note when all is said and done.  But when all of her appearances are taken collectively, she truly is as awesome as she thinks she is.
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