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I'm about 6 months late in uploading this one (and it was created the better part of a year before that), but here's the original artwork for my entry into Enterplay's MLP Fan Art "Create a Card" contest.  It was selected and included in the official My Little Pony Series 4 Trading Card release that came out last summer, printed on foil card #F27 (with the title and accompanying text supplied by someone at Enterplay...  I quite like what they came up with.) 

Honestly, it was a great treat to see my artwork on some official merchandise, as was being able to give copies to family and friends (everyone who had their artwork selected was given a box of the trading cards and a bunch of copies of their own card.)  I'm not sure if the cards are still readily available in stores (they've released trading cards based on the MLP movie since then), but I'm sure there are copies out there on Ebay and the like if someone wants to go hunting for one for their collection.  

Honestly, I hope that Enterplay does another contest like this again, because it was a real treat to see the many fan artworks included, let alone be a part of creating one.
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Little Winona and Young Applejack are probably the cutest elements of this picture! Then again, when grown up... *sharp inhale*... Yeeeeeeeaaah...... Probably not so much a public moment to cherish anymore. Still, at this age after watching the cute pair play for un momento, I'm-ma be puking puppies. AVERT YOUR EYES, THIS ART IS TOO CUTE!
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DylanCArtStudent General Artist
Nice art work you did.
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saber360Hobbyist General Artist
Awww. < : )

So cute. ^^
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SwanLullabyHobbyist General Artist
One of my favourite AJ and co' pictures ever!
Cool job :)
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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my cuteness! Hi, puppy!
Cute picture with Applejack and her new dog. Love it. 😊😉
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EnvirotechHobbyist Photographer
d'awww cute little Winona!! :3  Great art!! :D
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Wisdom-ThumbsHobbyist Traditional Artist
And this is where Big Mac's secret love of doggy treats originated. Which led to a lot of deep thinking about... "what's it like to be a dog?"

And we all know where that led.

Also, just going off of my own brother's personality (younger, but still huge, a farmer by birth, silent, shy, and yet wise beyond his years), I think Big Mac would be inordinately upset over any damage to his first yoke. That notch in it? Probably sent him into tears at the thought of disappointing his family. Even after AJ and Granny Smith would console him over it, he'd never quite get over the memory that his first yoke, that symbol of responsibility, was damaged on his watch. 
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FireHeartDrawsHobbyist Digital Artist
This is some really amazing work, you make the lineless style look so seamless. :D
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IBAIPshowProfessional Artist
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It's wonderful to see that special day when their hard-working little puppy came home. She's a true cutie, and little Applejack's excitement shines as she drops low to be right down there with Winona, flashing the best kind of joyful smile. (This is one instance where it's quite alright for Applejack to be a silly pony.) I think Big Macintosh adores his little sister as much as he does Winona, though if he forgets to give the dog that bone he may develop a taste for it himself.

Gorgeous work all around, as is your way :) and the subtle extra from the sunbeams highlight the otherwise quiet afternoon mood, broken only by the two little ones. Cute Granny Smith picture too. Thanks.
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EverlastingJoyHobbyist Filmographer
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HamPonyHobbyist Artisan Crafter
awesome work, comrade :)
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Hoping an episode on their mane six pets origins. Minus Dash since, you know.

Wonderful work. Actually dogs and horses go very well along IRL.
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The D'aaawwwww is strong with this one...
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GracefulArt693Student Artisan Crafter
Awww!! That's so cute!!
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Who's a good doggo?
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omg precious
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