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Trixie Day Dawns!


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It’s hard to be Great and Powerful when you have to hit the road early in the morning...

Today has been decreed a day to celebrate the very best second-rate unicorn mage in all Equestria!  Trixie truly is a great character in my opinion, and her recurring presence has been a most welcome change in the show these last two seasons.  With the rough edges having been worn off of the Mane Six to the extent that they have, the inclusion of characters like Trixie who can provide a natural irritant to the interactions helps keep things interesting.  She still plays best off of Twilight after all of these years, bringing out the old aggravated unicorn that I love so much...  I would love to see an episode devoted to them teaming up on the road, odd-couple, buddy-cop movie style, forced to share Trixie’s cramped wagon.  Maybe have them off to rescue Starlight for a change.

in any event, I hope that Trixie never loses her great and powerful personality...  I still find her to be a hoot!

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Oh good, the Fizzle Flakes... I think I can die happy now.