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Tougher than Diamonds and Stronger than Steel

Hello again...  My apologies for the neglect I have given my DA account over the majority of this year.  Things have kept me busy and have gone in unexpected directions, but I am recently able to turn some attention towards colorful equines once again.  Hopefully I can keep at it to some degree, and I can make good on some obligations in the fandom as well.

As for this image:  Just a little visual exploration of the Power of Love and the two characters who are most closely linked to it.  I suppose that it's not surprising that it's such a potent force in Equestria, what with "Friendship" driving mad-god destroying energy blasts.  Doing the math, Twilight with the power of four Alicorns was evenly matched with a Tirek powered with the magic of every other pony in Equestria.  So it seems safe to say that the Alicorns are mighty powerful.  And yet Chrysalis, fueled by the true-love from one unicorn, was able to overpower Celestia... and Cadance and Shining, using their own true love, were able to blast an entire army away without the Elements of Harmony or any other artifact.  

(I excuse poor Celestia and her forced-by-story-conventions defeat...  if she started throwing down the kind of fireballs Twilight was tossing at Tirek she'd have melted all of the wedding guests and half the palace.)

Still, it looks like Love is a pretty potent pony power, so it seems to me that Cadance should get more credit for being a potential badass.  Add the Crystal Heart to her arsenal (and that neat crystal-forming power she whipped out in Season 5) and I don't think she's anyone with whom you'd want to tangle.

As for the artwork itself, I feel like it should have been painted onto someone's van in the 70's...  As always, I encourage you to check out the full-sized version.
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Cadance is much more badass than Shining in my opinion.


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This is wonderful!
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Wow... Just.. Wow
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I'm just Mindblown by this Amazing artwork!
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I would really like to see more of that. I don't like that they downgraded the crystal heart. I liked to see it as something that embodies and channels the power of love in the same way the elements do for the power of friendship.
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Amazing artwork and coloring. Love all the detailing
this battle is going to be heartless, or would that be... Sunglasses are good ...loveless?…
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Drawing Cadence's shoes like horseshoes was a genius idea!!! Their ease of walking makes so much more sense and the shoes are almost a practical item!
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So much details I'm gonna die! OoO love it, so we'll done
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I found my new senpai and inspirational artist! *-* Your art is just.. When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 
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Whoa, that's a lot of detail. Nice job. I do like it when a hero has an evil version of him/herself, makes some good conflict.
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CADANCE: 'You see, Chrysalis, nature has a certain order: the ponies spread the love, the ponies use the love, and the changelings leave!'
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Oh my gosh... THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!! Love 
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This is so amazing!
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Go ahead and try hit me if you're able~!
Can't you tell my relationship is stable~?
I can see you hate the way we intermingle~!
But I think you're just mad 'cause you're single~!

I am made o-o-o-o-of~!
Lo-o-o-o-ove o-o-o-o-of~!

And it's stronger than you~!
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This is who we are
This is who I am
You try and drag me down
But you will never understand
That love cannot be stolen
And love will never end
You've no power over me
For my power is my friends!

Go ahead and try and keep me if you're able
I am given strength to shatter every cable
You have summoned all your legions here to bind me
But you're already miles behind me!
Feel the power pulsing through the land
From everyone who calls each other "friend"
I am their power!
I am their kinship!
I am the Magic of Friendship!

I am made

And it's stronger than you
And it's stronger than you!
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*throws an elegant and foppish bow, than crowd surfs away*
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I like the shading, color reflections, and the detail on the texture; from the softness of the feathers of Cadence to the shininess of Chrysalis' body and wings
This is the type of art to put on posters!
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