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There's Always Room for More Princesses



These two were actually originally drawn for the portrait series, as I was going to use Halloween Week to upload versions of the Mane Six and Spike but all in various costumes they have worn over the course of the show.  Unfortunately, work assignments have kept me with very little free time over the last month, and so only these two and Future Twilight were done.  I thought Applejack especially would be rather odd if folded into the portraits *after* Halloween, so I figured I could use these two to celebrate the arrival of the new season instead. 

Of course, I'm sure the web will be flooded with images inspired by the new episode once if finally airs, but for now I hope you enjoy a pair of ponies who tried out the Princess look long before Twilight took her turn.  Oh, and I want to thank everyone who has left me comments over time as well!  I hate when I don't have the time to answer them all, but please know that every one of them is read and greatly appreciated!

After being told to do so numerous times, I have finally set up a tip jar at Ko-Fi:  ko-fi.com/harwicksart
If you're feeling generous and would like to encourage me, feel free to drop me a small amount... it would be most appreciated!
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