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The Mare Who Once Lived On The Moon - Back Cover


Note:  copyright on this image is reserved for the commissioner, and no authorization has been granted for the creation or sale of merchandise or NFT’s based upon it.

I am pleased to able to unveil the second of a pair of commissions I did earlier this year for another Pony Fic publishing project, this time a hard copy of Mr. Number's classic The Mare Who Once Lived On The Moon.  The story reimagines the Mane Six coming together in an alternate world of Equestria where science is overtaking magic as the driving force behind society.  For those who enjoy a dash of steampunk with their ponies, it's a delightful read and highly recommended!

Even better, for those who like to hold their fiction in their own two hands, the physical copies are now available Here!   Wrapped in a two-part cover image by myself, I hope you'll find it a handsome addition to your bookshelf.  

This back cover features our title character whose time trapped on the moon takes a decidedly literal form and requires a very different plan from our heroes in order to set her free from her lonely prison.

Thanks to Ponyfeather Publishing and RBDash47 for thinking of me for this one.

After being told to do so numerous times, I have finally set up a tip jar at Ko-Fi:
If you're feeling generous and would like to encourage me, feel free to drop me a small amount... it would be most appreciated!

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That is some wicked moonscape!

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Intriguing. Not the first time though that people write fanfics about space exploration. I wonder how come people come with that idea? Oh well, after FallOut Equestria, this is nothing.

Awesome work. Gosh Luna is gorgeous.

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Man, while I haven't read a single fan fiction in MLP, I do enjoy a great looking space-scape (if that's even an expression). And this is a great one by far :)

empyrean-dreamer's avatar

Since I joined the fandom many years ago, I've seen lots of drawing similar that show Luna on the moon, But yours is probably the best one I've ever seen! I really like how small and childlike Luna looks while she looks up to her home planet in the emptiness of space.

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oh damn that background is brilliant

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Oh shit,She's naked!

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I can feel Princess Luna's loneliness in this picture.

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Damn... Picard PrincessLunaTooMuchCoffee Laughing Data

What is that pony doing on the moon, Commander Data?

Winged-Stone's avatar

I could easily see this on a wall. Like, the whole wall. It's really nice.

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Damn, this is absolutely beautiful...

harwicks-art's avatar

Glad you think so!

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Astounding work, as usual 😊

harwicks-art's avatar

Thanks, I appreciate it!

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Oh, and a note to those of you who might be considering purchasing this and are seeing it the day it went up in my gallery: apparently the printer LuLu is known for having Black Friday deals on orders, so that might be an opportune time to check!

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