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The Horror 2: Afternoon of the Lepus



I asked my Pony Friend Forever WhiteDiamonds which character I should draw next, preferably one I had never drawn before, and she suggested the lovely Roseluck... so here we are with a colorful if somewhat less polished drawing. I've always liked the look of her, so it certainly didn't take any arm twisting.

I must admit, I feel that Roseluck really is one of the most entertaining background ponies in the show, especially since she and the other excitable flower ponies have carved out recurring roles (and an amusing schtick) in Ponyville without the need for fans to make up their characters wholesale. Whether it's hiding from Zebras, fainting at bunny carnage, or fearing a plague-ridden Apple Bloom, you can always count on the Flower Trio to remind you that horses are a somewhat skittish herd animal, after all. Of course, with the destruction that regularly befalls their hometown, who can really blame them for being a bit high strung?
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LOL, Night of the Lepus reference! One of my favorite corny "horror" flicks.  My mother loved the part where the deputy is at the drive-in theater warning everyone to evacuate because the giant killer rabbits are coming! 

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