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The Faithful Student and the Prodigal Sun

It's that time of year again, when a still-somewhat controversial spin-off comes around with another entry.  While I'm far more partial to the 4-legged versions of the characters, I have to admit that Sunset Shimmer has become a favorite of mine none-the-less.  And while the first Equestria Girls film came with assurances that it could be entirely ignored by fans of Friendship is Magic who didn't want to buy into the weird and hard-to-reconcile alternate reality filled with mostly-hairless apes, I do feel like it is growing more and more inevitable that Sunset Shimmer will cross over through the portal herself sooner-or-later for a grand return.  Not to stay, but for a major event/stunt at least.  Will it happen in the actual show, or just in a future EQG film (or an EQG show itself, if such a thing comes to pass...)?  Hard to say at this point.  Still, I think that the percentage of fans who would squee if she popped up in the actual show (instead of screaming bloody murder) is shifting steadily.

I couldn't resist the pun in the title, and it kind of fits...  Sunset squandered the knowledge and opportunities that Celestia bestowed upon her.  I really think there's a lot of great potential in a story of her return to face Celestia, and there have in fact been some great fanfics centered around exploring that premise as well as the falling out that caused Sunset to leave in the first place.  I wonder if the show and or films are reluctant to explore her backstory more as it gets into that hard-to-figure timeline of when she was a student and how old she is compared to Twilight, at least on the pony side of the portal... but still, that's some rich stuff and would make for a great flashback in an EQG film if nothing else.

Oh, and that's definitely a faux-leather jacket in the picture.  She hasn't been a human long enough to be that disturbed. 

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This reminds my of Crash Bandicoot Warped.