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The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship



After a few images that I hadn't really planned out, here's one that was a little more intentional all the way around. Of course, even on this one I originally just thought "I need to draw something with Smartypants" and it kind of snowballed from there. I hadn't expected it to take form quite so quickly (and had really thought that events in my personal life would keep new fanart from appearing for a while), but here we are...

I truly love the back-story hinted at in the show, and am delighted whenever they add another piece to it. Tales of destiny waiting to be achieved are a dime a dozen in fantasy, of course, but that doesn't kill the appeal for me. Fans have done a great job of exploring the untold parts of the history in art, comics and stories, and these are among my favorite works in the fandom.

There was an idea by Viktor E. Frankl that strikes me as relevant to ponies. In essence, it states that the only way to truly recognize the full potential in another is through loving them, and it is through this love itself that the beloved is enabled to actualize that potential within them. This seems to fit well to Twilight's story, in my opinion. In the end I do think that we hold the keys to helping each other succeed in ways that we ourselves cannot even imagine.

Not that ancient, all-powerful tiaras wouldn't help out now and then.

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Does anyone else realize that this picture discreetly show the four princesses of equestria?