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Spike's New Comic Night

Just a little sketch I decided to color.  I kind of miss Pee Wee, but I did enjoy the little send off for him that they snuck into "Just for Sidekicks".  I suppose a pet phoenix had already been done, however, so I can kind of see how they'd not feel the need for a second one in the show. 
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Saw you there Peewee.
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*snort* Peewee night light. That's awesome. And Spike's expression should be familiar to anyone who has ever been engrossed in a good story. 
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Your art fills me with such joy. I cannot get enough of it.
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Peewee made me giggle =]
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That's why I love fourth generation Spike. :dinosrawr: SpongeBob (You sho adorable) Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (My kawaii plushie) [V6] 
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although we only saw Philomena only one time, it doesn't constitute acing Peewee out just because they're the same species. We see Spike nearly every episode of the genre, just imagine how many scenes would become more fitting if Peewee was in it with him with both of them playing off of one-another comedically, keeping him a regular just like Owlicious is.

Ponyville Confidential: both Spike and Peewee are reading one of the more negative Gabby Gums Articles relating to the two of them as they walk past the Mane 6 present, as they do, Spike and Peewee start to burn the Foal Free Press copy they got as the ashes drop to the floor one after another "Don't want to talk about it." Leaves Sugarcube Corner.
Mmmmystery on the Friendship Express: Spike is going to sleep in the cabin as he puts out the candlestick, only for Peewee to sneeze and accidentally relight the candlestick again.
The Crystal Empire: The suitcase full of scarves opens up as they blow away, Peewee flies up and snags one and wraps himself up in it as Spike walks over and picks him up in the scarf.
Magical Duel: Peewee upon seeing Spike becoming balled up in Trixies' Magic divebombs straight at Trixie only for her to duck after the surprise, loosening her concentration on Spike as he flops back to normal and both of them go to stand by Twilights' side. "Show her how we do it up in Canterlot, Twilight." growls Spike as Peewee stands on Spikes head, lightly glowing brighter than usual.
Apple Family Reunion: After Spike is indignantly used as a lighter, Spike mutters to himself as Peewee lands on his shoulder "Last time I go to you (Applejack) for help with food."
Just For Sidekicks (Haven't bothered seeing this episode): Peewee acts as a metaphorical buffer and middleground between the girls' pets and Spike.
Magical Mystery Cure: after "I Need to Find a Way" Peewee lands on the bed before Twilight as Spike enters later. Both are later seen at Twilights' Coronation with Spike wearing a light chainmail armorset as Peewee picks up Twilights modified Element of Harmony as he goes and lands on the perch next to Philomena as they look on at Princess Twilight.
Equestria Girls (I only saw the first few minutes, mind you thus far): As Sunset Shimmer enters Twilights' room and managed to snag the Element of Magic, Peewee wakes up only for the cloaked Sunset to pull out a particular feather on him causing him to burst into a small fireball and become ashes on the floor, scene continues as normal where Twilight chased Sunset towards the Mirror, immediately afterwards: Spike runs up with a reformed Peewee in his claws asking "Who was that?"
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Nice job on this.
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Aww, I like how Peewee is the candle's flame X3 People don't get to see enough of Peewee with Spike...
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Is it ok if I feature this in a YouTube Video?
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Sure... Be my guest.
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I really miss Peewee..He looks really cute in this drawing. :D To be honest though, I didn't even notice him until I read your description lol.
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I still kinda wished he had Peewee, but as you said, at least they gave him a proper send-off rather than simply sticking him on a bus.

Spike, you be careful that's not another enchanted comic. Them things are dangerous, you'd think they'd be regulated.

But if they're not, Equestria gains another notch in my book.
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:squee: IT'S SO ADORABLE! Great job on the picture :D (Big Grin) 
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And I was just a civilian when I got sucked into that comic!

But I still had my wand and magic!
Wow, this picture is absolutely beautiful.  I love the expression on Spike's face, the little bowl of gems at his side, Peewee acting as the candle...

It's beautiful!  I love this piece.
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Little Pee Wee is sooo adorable! And Spike's rocky snack is awesome xD
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D'aww almost forgot about Pee Wee. They should mention him more often. Wait, that's the same Power Pony comic. Was this before or after they went into the comic?
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give thanks to stan lee
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I would have liked to see Spike take care of the little guy, because entertainment always ensues when Spike is partnered with responsibility.
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Brilliant, absolutely adorably brilliant! Great Job!
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You got to love that little dragron :D
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