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Spike Day Upgrades

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It's Spike Day over on EQD, and I realized that I hadn't yet shared this quick Spike Sketch from my patreon last year here on DA.

I'm still confused at how the parallel dimensions work between ponies and humans, but it gets pretty confusing when it comes to our favorite Dragon and Dog.  MLP Spike was finally granted wings towards the end of the show, but what did puppy Spike get out of things?  A reduced role, for the most part...  (Honestly, making the human world Spike and Twilight a regular part of the EQG set-up probably wasn't the way to go, but I suppose that's a topic for another time, with another artwork waiting in the wings...)

Still, he's a resourceful pup.... I'm sure he'll figure out a way to keep up with his pony-world counterpart.
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Cool picture!
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BbiohazardHobbyist General Artist
Now that's how you think outside the box.
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saber360Hobbyist General Artist
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CurtisWildcatHobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I'm sure he knows how: through dogged determination.
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flying without the effort of flapping wings
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OinkTweetStudiosStudent Digital Artist
The colors really pop here fantastic work! On a side note i got to see drone doggo, awesome Nod 
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Sorry for being late, but I could see this being a thing. You also raise some interesting points about the parallel universes that give food for thought
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"Well--I saved the Crystal Empire."

"I got Brian Griffin to go on the wagon."

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Dog Spike: See? I can fly too. What do you think about that?"
Dragon Spike: Dude. Back then I would be jealous, but now it's kinda sad.
Dog Spike: "Huh?"
Dragon Spike: "You know that once the batteries run out you can crash?"
Dog Spike: "Uh. Yeah, but I make sure it's always fully charged."
Dragon Spike: "Can you do a barrel with that thing?"
Dog Spike:"Uh... No."
Dragon Spike: "Looping?"
Dog Spike: "N-not really. I can only fly... where Twilight send me..."
Dragon Spike: "Heh. Want to have a ride on my back for a real flying experience?"
Dog Spike: "Dude, that would be awesome."

Awesome work.
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depressed-dark-soul General Artist
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IBAIPshowProfessional Artist
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ABB0002Professional Photographer
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William-the-BearHobbyist Digital Artist
Puppy spike is so cute =^w^=
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The blades....THE BLADES
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AplReachStudent General Artist
StDg + prod = fall
StDrg + prod = =P
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"How are you... here?"
"It's a little something called 'drone technology.'"
"No, not here in the sky, I mean here in this dimension. Shouldn't you be a dragon?"
"I... uh... honestly couldn't tell ya."
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AzurllinateStudent Digital Artist
What if dog Spike got feathery wings instead? ;)
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Why exactly is dog Spike that smug?  Dragon Spike flies under his own power.
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This is an epic piece of art
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Cute and funny.
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NintendiansHobbyist General Artist
nice art.

yeah, i don't know why hasbro reduce his appearance, but i guess not all character can't be shown at once.
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Spike meets his fursona. :D
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