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Silverstream's Simple Pleasures

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This one's  for wobniaR, a longtime supporter on my Patreon, who wanted to see some Silverstream.  I actually do like all of the Student Six, and really should draw more of each of them, so don't be surprised if I should return to them again in the future.

And while I liked the initial gag of a seapony being amazed by stairs, I'm also enough of a nerd to remember that Rarity almost died climbing a huge amount of stairs to get to their original Hippogriff home on Mt. Aris in the MLP Movie.  So don't be such a hick, Silverstream, and try going beyond your own front door once in a while... Also move your bird butt.  You’re a tripping hazard, and some folks need to get to their next class.
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Smolder: Uh, Silverstream.

Silverstream: Yeah, Smolder?

Smolder: Could you please get up? Some of us have classes to get to.

Silverstream: Just fly over me, Smolder.

Smolder: Oh, I can do that. But can Sandbar and Yona?
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EffKay9Hobbyist Writer
Imagine my face since my surname basically means stairs!
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I can only imagine the sounds of contentment she's making while clawing at that brand new rug Rarity just made for the school =p

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BB-KHobbyist Writer
Her strong love for stairs. :)
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Pony-BerserkerHobbyist Digital Artist
that hippogriff sure does love stairs
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aqdrobertHobbyist General Artist

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QAtheAuthoressHobbyist Artisan Crafter
STAIRS! She’s like the opposite of Po and his feelings towards them. XD
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DanDrazen Writer

Silverstream: What is this place filled with so many wonders ...

Fluttershy: ... uh ... that's my song ...

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Silverstream: Oh yes baby! Let me feel you!

Smolder: this is just weird. 
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"Uh... Silverstream?"

"Stairs... stairs.... My beautiful stairs...

I love you so much, like stars in the sky

You are so smooth and soft to the touch..."

"Silverstream? Can I..."

"Oh! I love you stairs. I love you so much

If you could be my special someone

I would be the happiest hippog-"


"Huh? W-what?"

"Why are you singing for something as inanimate as stairs? They can't reply to you! They are stairs! They are made to-"



"Why are you still there?"

"Because you were blocking my way!"

"Why you didn't fly over me instead?" *raises a eyebrow*

"Uh... Um..."

"*crosses forelegs*"

"Because I was worried of you seeing you singing to stairs?"


"Yeah. Uh... What do you think Sandbar?"

"Well, now that you asking me, I do remember a story when I was foal when I met my very first set of stairs and..."

"Sorry stairs, but my sanity is more precious than you." *leaves*

"Hey! I wasn't finished!"

"Thanks Sandbar."

"You're... welcome?"

Awesome work, Harwicks. BTW, which graphic software do you use? PSP?

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harwicks-artProfessional Digital Artist

Ha! Yeah, I use photoshop and MangaStudio for some linework, usually.

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Glad that you liked it. I'm beginning to draw with a tablet (Huion) and wanted to know which software to use. Thanks. So far I used Gimp and SAI (trial)

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Adorable job.
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harwicks-artProfessional Digital Artist

Thanks... I appreciate it!

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You're very welcome!
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harwicks-artProfessional Digital Artist


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BbiohazardHobbyist General Artist
That's some lovely artwork you did, especially with the hippogriff girl.
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harwicks-artProfessional Digital Artist

Thank you!

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Uuuurgh. So much pink!

Anyways, I'm not such a huge fan of the student six, but I do have a soft spot for Ocellus. :)
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harwicks-artProfessional Digital Artist

I’ll keep that in mind and hopefully you’ll see her in the future!

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