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Shiny, Happy, Candy-colored Heroes

Yeesh... it's still a long wait until Season 4, isn't it? Perhaps the looming Comicon will give the fandom something to get excited for and carry all of us through the second half of this long pony drought. As for the art itself, this one wasn't even a very good sketch, but for whatever reason I just kept coloring it anyway with no real planning or intent as to what I was even depicting. Kind of art-therapy... it's very hard to draw and color such bright, happy characters and be in a bad mood, and I needed a little more cheerfulness in my life. Hopefully some of that pony-induced happiness passes on the viewer as well.
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Wow, that's an awesome picture. Nice work. :)
EJFireLightningArts's avatar
There like a family You know And they look so cute together
manglefnaflover's avatar
Fluttershy looks SOOOO cute she is my fave pony :D
BonBon1Heart's avatar
for me it looks SO real
and its AWESOMENever Fear Your Friendly hero is here! like dis RD XD
SuperDashieBros's avatar
This is awsome, I love itLa la la la 
Clumsy-Starla's avatar
where are twilights wings
praedatorius's avatar
Shiny, happy horses holding hooves!
Twilightcloversuper8's avatar
(As they all walk out of the palace, Bryan, my alter-ego, takes out his Walkman, and starts playing "Shiny, Happy, People" by REM)
redwallfvs's avatar
Omigosh Rarity's face is so CUTE. ^^
BenCooneyTheGuardian's avatar
And I didn't even arrive in Dimension 14 until a day after Twilight's princess coronation...
mrpeabody-lover-83's avatar
Mukicake's avatar
One word cute!!!:)
FlutterWave123's avatar
They are so cuteHuggle! 
Cookie-Lovey's avatar
yaaay, another Miss Piggy face! :D
saber360's avatar
They should probably hire you for making a 3D FiM movie :D
Natsumi-Nyan's avatar
excellent work! especially rarity Clapping Pony Icon - Rarity 
Chel127's avatar
Yay! This is brilliant!! Clapping Pony Icon - Fluttershy 
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Someone's stolen and re-uploaded this:
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